Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vegan & Gluten Free The 7 Day Challenge

I can't think of a better way to start out my new blog than with a food challenge! I am by no means someone who is a fad dieter. As you will soon learn I am an avid Weight Watcher (WW)and have been for over 5 years - I absolutely love their program! Since this post isn't about WW, I won't get on my soapbox for them.

The 7-day Vegan & Gluten-Free Challenge: One of my great friends, Kirwin, presented this idea to me a few months ago after reading about it. I will be the first to admit that I thought, "what, are you serious?" However, after much discussion and research, I think it could actually be fun. I signed up to be Kirwin's partner in crime and I definitely know having her support along the way will be awesome. She has amazing dedication & willpower. I am looking forward to trying some new recipes, exceeding my daily 5-9 fruits/vegetable servings and seeing how my body reacts. It will be a great way to cleanse my system and I cannot think of a more clean way to eat. I am not allergic to dairy or wheat/gluten in any way, but, am viewing this as a way to get back to nature and truly eat whole foods. I see myself more as a "flexitarian" than I do a vegan or vegetarian. I enjoy having chicken/seafood and dairy occassionally but often eat vegetarian meals just as much.

The challenge begins tomorrow, Sunday, 02/22/09 and goes through Saturday, 02/28/09. Be sure to check here and at Kirwin's site for all the fun details. I will be posting my food finds next.

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