Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome to my daily adventures!

My first post and my first thoughts are ~ How fun is this?! And, wow, where do I even start?! After being an avid blog reader for about 5 years now and participating in several groups online, I decided creating a blog of my own was the next step. I am always being asked by family and friends to share my recipes ("science projects" as the husband calls them), photos, our travel adventures, what we have been up to and basically what is happening in our daily lives. I think that no blog is complete without including great pictures and of course ~ good eats! I envision using this blog as a great way to help me live a healthy, active and clean eating lifestyle. I definitely think being accountable to everyone for my workouts and eats will be a fun way to keep myself honest. I look forward to sharing all my daily adventures in life with you and welcome your thoughts.

For now, feel free to poke around and learn more about the daily adventures of Danica and "The Husband", a.k.a. Jay!

If you have any questions or what not, feel free to comment or email me at


  1. I love it!! I've added you to my daily blogroll. I'm so glad you did it. ; )

  2. Danica, I was so going to tell you that the next step you should take is a blog. I am so glad you did. I look forward to reading it :0)

  3. Thanks Kirwin & VickI! I am excited to make this blog into something fun for everyone. Please comment or send an email anytime.