Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rice Pecan Bread Review & Day 2 Recap

Late night snack: i was still hungry last night so i decided to have a snack while i worked. I tried the wheat free, gluten free rice pecan bread with a smear (maybe 1 tsp) of the earth balance organic whipped vegan butter. This bread was so small – maybe like the size of my hand, very dense/chewy and slightly sweet. It’s not bad, but, for 130 calories a slice i think i’d want more. The vegan butter rocked though.


Yesterday i seemed to be starved all day long. While i did try to balance things more by having soy milk for calcium (it helped a little), i think i could’ve benefited from having more protein and a more satisifying breakfast.

Calories Burned: 3,136, Steps Taken: 18,544
Calories Consumed: 1,760
Protein: 10%, Carbs 51%, Fat: 39%
Calcium 305 Mg

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