Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My lunch love affair

Today was all work and no play ~ no walk at lunch as we worked through it and i was finally able to eat at about 2:30. Surprisingly i wasn’t starved ~ stress or that awesome breakfast/snack combo did a great job at holding me over.

For starters i made up a great salad of leftover chick pea taco fixin’s.

02/24/09 Leftover side salad

Taco chick peas
2 tsp dry roasted sunflower seeds

Then i moved on to dessert ~ this was probably the best wrap i have ever had in my life. It was so filling and satisfying that i was not even tempted by “the cake” (more on that next)

02/24/09 Almond Butter Rice Wrap

1 trader joe’s brown rice tortilla (microwaved for 25 seconds)
Topped with 1 heaping tablespoon organic almond butter
3 more huge strawberries
¼ cup blueberries
My other ½ banana
1 tsp coconut

And all together with my most favorite water in the whole wide world ~ fizzy water!

02/24/09 Lunch All together

We have a Penguin machine at work and i make my own water almost daily ~ just look at all those bubbles. I so want one for home!

02/24/09 fizzy water

I was obviously “in love” with my lunch or that hungry. I felt so silly taking pictures of it all multiple times in the breakroom. Especially after my co-workers commented on how fabulous it looks….then, there is me, click, click, click :D

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