Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Surprise Tacos"

After spending alot of time experimenting in the kitchen today, I decided to pick a quick and easy dinner. I first heard about this recipe when Kirwin decided to test it out to get ready for our challenge. She raved about it and how her whole family loved it. How can you pass up trying Crunchy Chick Pea Tacos that look this amazing. I followed the recipe with the exception of cooking my regular corn tortillas in a nonstick pan. I think next time it would be fun to try store bought crunchy taco shells. I served it up with some sauted zucchini (cooked in a little olive oil with sea salt & freshly ground pepper). I give kudos to The Husband for being a trooper and trying it. He said he liked it but thought I tricked him by using chick peas vs refried beans. I sorta only mentioned having tacos with beans, not describing which bean I was using when he picked it out ~ "Surprise" lol.

02/22/09 dinner: Chick Pea Tacos

I was pleasantly surpised at how tasty and filling this meal was. The taco season is definitely the star of the show - I can see using this for so many different things.

I tested out the cookies for my afternoon snack and I thought they were pretty tasty and filling. I think the quinoa flour adds some good protein along with the nuts. They are crunchy, yet, chewy with lots of chocolately, nutty goodness.

I owe you a day 1 recap and thoughts, but, will probably post this in the morning with my fun green breakfast :) Off to relax and snuggle with The Husband. Have a great night all!


  1. Very cool!

    I'm so glad that you liked the tacos - I just wish I would've thought to name them "Surprise Tacos!"


  2. Thanks so much for creating the recipe JD ~ It's fabulous. I can definitely see using these chick peas for salads and "burritos" and such. I must try it with crunchy blue tortillas though - love the color.

  3. p.s. you can have the surpirse taco name - afterall you created them :)