Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some things are worth repeating

Day 4 ~ Still going and Still loving it. I have to admit, I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to eat anything and this week was going to be pretty unjoyable foodwise. But, I have to say – the exact opposite is true. I am finding myself really enjoying the entire experiment and I couldn’t agree with Kirwin more ~ I feel lighter, healthier and just full of energy. No afternoon slumps or anything. I wonder if it’s the gluten or vegan part contributing to that. What do you think?

Calories burned: 2,737, Steps Taken: 10,378
Calories consumed: 1,854 (but that cupcake was worth it!)
Protein: 11%, Carbs: 59%, Fat 30%

Some things are THAT good that they are worth repeating. Today I was craving two things ~ Almond Butter & my Red, White, & Blue oats. All served up with my decaf coffee, SIGG and my favorite brand Sweet Cactus Agave Nectar. This brand is the only one that has only 15 calories per teaspoon versus the 20 calories in other brands. It doesn’t take much as it is very sweet, usually about ½ a teaspoon to cover this lovely bowl of oats.

02/26/09 Breakfast

I excluded almond slivers today and had a big spoonful of WF’s Freshly Ground Organic Almond butter on my spoon so you get a little taste with each bite ~ Yum!

02/26/09 Up Close

Today is a pretty busy day, but, we will be heading out at lunch for a nice long interval jog, can’t wait!

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