Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shopping & Using Up The Fridge

My breakfast really held me over this morning. I didn't have a snack while we were out and just sat down to have lunch 5 hours after breakfast - woohoo! Banana Nut oats are awesome. We spent the morning running errands and doing some shopping. I picked up the latest Eating Well Magazine and a "secret" book that I will be reviewing in a month or so. More on both later.

The highlight of our purchase however was buying a new printer that does it all from printing amazing pictures, scanning, copying and can be used as part of our network or wireless - no cords required. It is an HP7280 and they had it on sale with a manufacturing rebate at Costco - score! I can't wait to play with it but it might have to wait until later so I do not get distracted from my todo list.

Lunch was a combination of things to clean out the fridge and get ready for a new week of stuff. We actually did pretty good at eating up alot of the stuff I bought last week. What a difference it makes eating your meals at home.

I started with leftover salad topped with Maple Grove Fat Free Balsamic:

02/28/09 Lunch Salad

Then moved on to a slice of last night's Vegan & Glute Free Pizza! This stuff is so good the next day but I do recommend reheating it in the oven versus the microwave so it gets crispy again.

02/28/09 Lunc Leftover Vegan/GF Pizza

And dessert was all a combination of fruits we needed to use up in the fridge.

02/28/09 Lunch Fruit

Ok - I am off to check more things off my list, maybe make another VG/GF cookie or muffin recipe and figure out dinner.

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