Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When i first saw that Kirwin had made these, i knew i had to try them. I made a few changes to make them gluten free and decided to add some baking soda plus additional baking powder to see if that helped the “rise” a little better. For my flours i used ½ quinoa flour and ½ oat flour (grind up oatmeal and it becomes flour). I prefer brown sugar over white so i used that instead.

Just look at how good they turned out.


I must admit they taste better than they look! So good – they remind me of banana bread with the carrot giving it a little crunch like nuts would. For 125 calories, it’s the perfect snack. My recipe made 9 as well.

Phew! All caught up…..i am off to enjoy one of the highlights of my day (i picked up Veganomicon from the library today). Then it’s night-night time. Check back in the am for a day 3 recap & more great eats!


  1. Aren't they so good?! Yours look more like muffins--mine didn't rise so well. I don't care, they still taste delicious. I made more today, because I was running low.

  2. I think doubling the baking powder and adding baking soda helped them puff up. They are so moist and yummie!

  3. Rachel said....
    I had one of these muffins and they are very moist. The only recommendation I have is to chop the carrots more finely instead of grating it. Also, make sure you have some milk (soy, almond breeze vanilla - VERY GOOD)to wash it down.

  4. Rachel ~ I absolutely agree with you. I think next time I'd finely shredd the carrots versus just grating them. Thanks for the feedback.