Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farmer’s Markets & Thai Food complete me!

Today absolutely flew by and I LOVE it when days are like that! I STILL have a ton of work to do but that is a good thing. I tune into Jillian’s Michaels Podcasts and listen while I work. If you all haven’t checked them out, be sure to – a new show is recorded EVERY Sunday and it’s FREE to listen. I HEART JALL of Jillian’s stuff from her books to her DVD’s to her podcasts – she rocks!!! Tons of great info – click HERE and scroll to Sunday, look for her picture, click listen or download to your ipod and go!

The first stop for lunch today was the Farmer’s Market. This just might have been one of my absolute favorite ones! there were a ton of vendors and ALL the produce looked amazing. I was only going to pick up a few things, but……I couldn’t resist.

Fantastic organic strawberries


Organic Blueberries that are crunchy & sweet – the best!


Organic Squash ~ check out the two toned yellow/green summer squash – fun!


The most amazing Yellow & Red Cherry Tomatoes….they taste like candy they are so sweet!


3 types of organic green beans – I LOVE the purple ones! Here is a cool tip I need to test out. The guy said that if you add lime juice or vinegar when cooking – they don’t change their color and stay purple! FUN!


5 lbs for $5 – Nectarines – white & yellow, peaches & pluots – woohooo!!!


All put away and organized in our new fridge door – LOVE it!!!!


Next, we were off for lunch to Thai Food! I couldn’t decide what sounded best so my co-worker said – THAI!!!! It certainly did not disappoint. We went to the new Thai Kitchen place that we tried earlier in the month.

This time I started off with their Won Ton Soup. The floating stuff is white pepper – LOVE the kick it adds. I do however, think I LOVE the salad with that peanut dressing more!


I ordered Spicy Cashew Chicken! I was bummed that I forgot to say brown rice, but, that’s ok! OMG – this was sooooo amazing! It has a sweet, spicy sauce that is so good I actually pondered licking my plate (ok, well, if I wasn’t in the restaurant with others around….. :D


I LOVE that they use good quality white chicken breast – there is no doubt about whether it’s chicken or not!


Since I wasn’t in a decision making mood today, we also ordered one of their specials to try out – Spicy Drunken Noodles (based on the recommendation I got last time!)


I LOVE the thick rice noodles that are like chow fun…however the sauce on this seemed to be missing. I felt like it needed soy sauce or something or maybe the fantastic sauce on my chicken. I LOVED the big Shrimp it came with.


I had a scoop of this, 1/2 my rice and ALL my chicken – yum! It was a fun lunch all around and I had a hard time resisting all my farmer’s market goodies in the afternoon. My lunch kept me full the rest of the day so no PM snack as needed. I was bummed I wasn’t hungry since my co-worker bought some individual dark chocolate truffles at the market that I had no room for.

Coming up next ~ another quick, easy salad and The Husband’s BBQ feast!


  1. Purple green beans!! I need those to compliment my purple cauliflower ;)

  2. All that produce looks fantastic, and so fresh! It's such high quality. I want to go to your Farmer's Market, haha! Those purple green beans look so cool :D

  3. Wow look at all that produce! I love thai food, the last time I went I got something totally new and also wanted to lick my plate. It was stir fried thai basil with chicken and veggies. Totally amazing with a bunch of brown rice.

  4. That is seriously some GORGEOUS produce, girl!! I loooooooooooooooove farmer's markets. Aren't they just the coolest??!!!

    Congrats on nabbing all that yummy and healthy raw food!!


  5. those farmers market finds are so awesome! love all the veggies, so colorful. and yum to those shrimpies!

  6. K ~ Seriously! I thought of you when I bought them. Now if they had orange too it would be perfect!

    Anne ~ You should go to mine - all 3 of the ones I go to are awesome!!! A reason to vacay in Cali?! :D

    Danielle ~ I need to try that next time I go - I saw it on the menu and it sounded fabulous.

    Michele ~ Yeah - good point for pointing out all the rawness - fun! I need to try more raw stuff for sure.

    Janetha ~ I know - I have a hard time because I want to buy it all and then it's more than we can eat.