Monday, June 22, 2009

Mow, mow, mow your lawn…….

I came home to some of THE COOLEST Mail! I don’t know about you all but I LOVE seeing things popping out of my mailbox or boxes on the porch.  The first package was from Thorlo!  Do you all remember when I won Erica’s Thorlo-Experia Socks Giveaway?  I am soooo excited to try these socks out.  I am a BIG fan of Bolga running socks so I cannot wait to see how these compare.


The second package you all will not believe!  Are you sitting down and ready for this?!  It sounds ALMOST too good to be true.  The fantastic people at PB Loco sent me the most AMAZING sounding jar of Adult peanut butter ~ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!!!


You can actually SEE ALL the chocolate chunks all over the jar ~ check out the bottom (P.S. This is the best type of plastic #1 to have too!)


I LOVE that they use non-hydrogenated oils ~ no transfats!


Plus, they included 2 RECIPES to try and 5 little Fun Fact Cards.  Can you believe that American eat over 800 lbs of peanut butter a year?! Or my favorite one ~ it takes approximately 850 peanuts to make a 18 oz jar of PB ~ that’s ALOT of peanuts!


I have to admit I was highly tempted to dive right in ~ I mean, chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter – YUM!  However, I resisted because I have more than met my allotment of healthy fats for the day (I KNOW you will be seeing this in the morning – so stay tuned for REVIEWS!!!)

After opening my “fun mail” I decided to burn some more calories while helping The Husband out (NO, not like that!!)  I mowed our front and back weeds lawns plus our neighbors and then for fun, my Mother In Laws!  I was trying to help support The Husband’s cause to fill up our Green Waste bin each trash day – he’s funny like that.  I am so paying for it now though with my allergies kicking in ALL night, but, it was worth it to make him happy and make his day easier.

When I came back in, I was starving, but, I needed a shower before I could even think of doing anything.  I decided to snack on a few FoodShouldTasteGood Chips.  A couple multi-grain, 1 Buffalo and 1 Jalepeno.


I LOVE how BIG these tortilla chips are, not to mention that they have a TON of flavor too!  Dinner tonight was a FAST and EASY favorite that I tried during my Vegan Adventures.  It is from Vegetarian Times Mag and it only takes like 10-15 minutes from start to finish – I LOVE recipes like that.  You can click HERE for the recipe.

Vegetable Gyoza w/Edamame SoyCatash 



I use 4 TJ’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza instead of per serving.


I know I am a bit behind on your comments and blogs. I will catch up on your comments tomorrow for sure and hopefully your blogs too!  It all depends on how the day goes.  I have to take my car to get my a/c fixed (it stopped working now that it’s going to be 100+ degrees!) plus it’s a busy day….only 2 more days – woot, woot!

Have a good night all ~ see ya in the morning!


  1. Cool socks! And yummy PB! Mail like that is definitely hard to resist :)

    PS Your veggie meal looks fab, too! I remember seeing that recipe in VT magazine, but I haven't tried it yet... Guess I'll have to add it to my list!

  2. im so jealous of your PB LOCO!!! i love that brand but can not find that flavor for the life of me :\

  3. that pb sounds SO good! i love that you can see the chunks :) They need to start carrying that brand around here - the flavors are so different.

  4. That PB looks amazing..... yum!

  5. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips??!!! Those people are genious!! You showed AMAZING restraint in not diving right in!

    I love your veggie meal; I def want to try that!

  6. That peanut butter sounds amazing! Last night I bought a new flavor of Peanut Butter & Co.--honey something... I don't remember the name, but what's important is that it's honey flavored ;) I'm still contemplating trying their dark chocolate.

  7. OMG peanut butter and beautiful chunks of cookie dough? Two of my fave things mixed together. I must get that now!

    Your meal looks delicious, what a great idea to add some gyoza to veggies like that. Good weeknight dinner idea.

  8. I love the green socks!!!The PB sounds absolutely wonderful, too! I wish I got more fun mail!!!

  9. Oh I can't wait to hear your review of the new PB! It sounds heavenly!!

  10. i'm pretty sure i could give up one of my kidneys to try that peanut butter.. it sounds incredible!

  11. that PB loco looks craaazy good, that is probably why it's got loco in the name! good luck getting the AC fixed, that is a necessity!

  12. Chocolate Peanut Butter... Are you kidding?! That's incredible. I need to get some. It might become a problem though. Hm...

  13. I am still dying to try the Cookie Dough flavor! I tried the cinnamon raisin and it is amazing! Those socks look fun too!

  14. I bought a jar of that PB when I was in Alabama last week. Sad that it isn't chunks but rather swirls of chocolate. Tastes delicious but I was hoping for chunks of cookie dough :-)

  15. Are you kidding me...pb with cookie dough, omg salivating!!! At the same time the meal looks amazing, do I have a split personality

    Hope you've made it to my giveaway

  16. jd ~ thanks and thanks! I cannot believe you didn't try the veggie gyoza recipe - it rocks! So fast and so flavorful.

    Peanut Butter Swirl ~ I totally agree - they need to stock this stuff in EVERY store. I know people would go nutso buying it for sure!

    Brandi ~ I agree - I am all too excited about the chunks :)

    Felish ~ I agree Chocolate chip cookie dough + pb = LOVE!

    Marisa ~ I am SHOCKED I was able to not dig in and eat the entire jar :) It's awesome!

    Jess ~ oooh, I LOVE honey and PB - do tell how you like it!

    Danielle ~ Yup, this PB NEEDS to go on your must try list - it's fabulous! My veggie meal is so easy to make and it's perfect for during the week when you have no time to cook.

    Theangrydieter ~ I know what you mean! If my fun mail stops, I am going to need to mail stuff to myself to keep the excitment going :)

    K ~ Most definitely, I am sure it's will amaze you and me both.

    Jenny ~ OMG, you are cracking me up. I need to keep up with the PB posts just to continue to be entertained by your comments :)

    Janetha ~ Good point - it's totally pb that you'd go crazy for! My a/c is fixed - YES!!!

    Mrs. Myers ~ Maybe you can have someone ration you one spoonful a day :D LOL....I know exactly what you mean though.

    Missy ~ I NEED to try the cinnamon raisin next I think - YUM!

    C.G ~ Awww - is it the same brand?! What a bummer!

    RunToFinish ~ You and me both - I was craving BOTH things and could've easily eaten one after the other. Ohhh - I'll have to check out your giveaway and give you a shoutout if I remember :) thanks for letting me know - I've been too busy to blog stalk :)