Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Body Bugg Thoughts

I have had a few of you ask about my Body Bugg so I thought I’d share a few things about my Bugg with you all that I have shared with others.

You can find out alot of information on the Body Bugg and how it works and all that jazz by going to I do believe that 24 Hour Fitness has one of the best deals out there and you don't have to be a member to buy it. You can look around though as I know some people have bought theirs off e-bay and from their own gyms and such.

Feel free to ask me any specific questions and I'll be glad to ask. I'll give you what I think of mine in summary but I will gladly go into any detail you'd like.

I first wanted a Body Bugg when they first came out - it's seemed so cool but they were like $600. Way too much to pay for a gadget - they are so much cheaper now. I finally decided to give in and buy my first body bugg last July when I was doing this fitness challenge at my gym. It was the older, gray model and I absolutely LOVED it! I ended up getting the new model at Christmas and I LOVED it too.

Pros of the new vs old model - it's super small - smaller than an ipod and it is alot more comfortable to wear. The main CON is that you have to take it off to charge it for 2-3 hours and have it plugged into your computer. No battery waist and it really sits well under your clothes.

The OLD model (which you can still buy for a little cheaper) is great because you don't have to take it off to charge it - you just change your batteries and you are good to go. CON is that you go through batteries every 2 weeks and it was rather bulky.

Other than that I do think the results are more or less the same between both versions. Ask specifics if you want to know.

If you are considering the digital watch - I highly recommend it. To me it is 100% WORTH the additional money. It gives you the same information as when you upload your information but you get it live, real time every 60 seconds. I am an instant gratification kind of person so I like to know all day long versus waiting until I upload. Plus it has some other cool features like an odometer function that you can set at the beginning of a workout to see how many calories you burned during that workout as well as the calories per minute. It has little goals you can set for calories burned, steps taken, activity level that will beep when you meet them. It often motivates me to move more (like a pedometer) because you see your results and you want to meet those goals.

They do throw in a 6 month free subscription with the new model, (3 months with the old) to their website ( when get your bugg. After that you can purchase additional months and it's fairly cheap ($9.95/month, $29.95/quarter, $99/year) - this might be different but it is what it was the last time I looked. It's a great website in that you can get so much information. It shows you all your results in graph form and you can see how many calories you burned every minute of the day. It's great to compare what you were doing at the time. You can also isolate it to see the total calories burned during a workout and steps, etc. It will compare it against the food you take in but you have to input all your food and your calories consumed. It has a database that will save your foods and you can input new foods all at one time. There are over 150,000 foods in their system already. It's great to see how your nutrition is broken down and where you can improve. The Body Bugg does NOT know how many calories you eat unless you input them.

General thoughts:

I am a BIG FAN of my Body Bugg because I truly believe in it. It has provided me with great information about myself and how I workout. For example, everyone always says you burn like 1,000 calories spinning. Well, I learned that was not the case for me. I burned about 400 when I push my hardest. I actually can burn just as many calories power walking if I go for an hour. I burn more running. It is good to see which workouts work for you and be a little more realistic with the calories burned.

It is like any gadget - it will motivate you to move more, burn more and eat better if you use the program the way it's designed. Similar to a Garmin - its an awesome gadget if you use it. I have had mine for almost 1 year now and I completely LOVE it and still wear it every day. You can learn exactly what you will lose by calculating the calories in (what you eat) versus the calories out (what you burn).

It's an investment but it's an INVESTMENT IN YOU - if you are committed to using it, then, you will see great results. I've had 4 other co-workers get them since they saw mine and everyone LOVES them.

Thanks for asking - I hope that helps answer some of your questions - if you want to know anything else, just ask.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the Bugg, I've thought about getting one but I'm not sure how precise I would be tracking calories and if it would be worth it without that step.

    However I just got a Garmin for my running so we'll see how good I am with that lol, so far I'm super excited to use it which = more running so that is a good thing.

  2. I love my bugg! Unfortunately, I get allergic reactions to the metal sensors. I can wear it for about a day and then have to take it off :-(

  3. Thanks, Danica! You have inspired me.

    I have decided that the Body Bugg will be my Bikini Bootcamp reward!!

    I have spent countless hours researching heart rate monitors, but I think the BB is more of what I am looking for right now.

    I nearly got a Garmin 310XT, but I decided that it's just too big for my wrist.

    I think that the BB will be super motivating to keep upping my activity level and achieving my fitness goals!

    I did notice that they are working on adding heart rate monitoring to the next BB version, so that would be awesome!

  4. I absolutely love my body bugg as well. I don’t think I could have lost weight and trained so well for distance races at the same time without it. I haven’t been wearing it as much lately though because I was catching slack for it at work. When people saw me wearing it they automatically thought I was trying to lose more weight and would want to have a “talk” with me. So now I mainly just wear it when I workout. I REALLY want to get the new model but I just haven’t been able to justify it to myself yet since my old one works just fine. If only I could sell my old one I’d definitely buy the new one!

  5. Danielle ~ I LOVE my Garmin too - both work for helping to motivate you burn more calories :)

    C.G. ~ Oh - now that is a big bummer. Is there anything you can do to make the allergy go away? :(

    Angelea ~ YEAH!!! What an awesome reward for you - I LOVE it! I have been hoping they would create a version with a heart rate monitor because honestly that is the only thing I can think of that is missing. If they can do it without the heart band strap that would be even better. You are going to LOVE your BUGG - can't wait to hear what you think. Glad I could inspire you to get one :)

    Chandra ~ That sucks that people have to associate it with weight loss. It's such a fun gadget to have whether you are maintaining or not. I totally get what you mean though about avoiding the "talk". Good for you for STILL using it. OMG - the new model is a gazillion times smaller than the older model and people probably wouldn't even see it under sweaters and's absolutely worth the price. I've seen people selling theirs on Ebay and BB gives you a "small" discount if you are an existing user. I still found the 24 hour deal to be better.