Sunday, June 21, 2009

Food Should Taste Good Sampling

My Weight Watcher meeting was fantastic on Saturday and I was really glad to hear that most people were pretty receptive to wanting to try a healthy product ~ FoodShouldTasteGood Tortilla Chips. As I told you all before the fantastic people at FoodShouldTasteGood sent samples of ALL flavors to let us give them a go ~ fun!

I got up in front of the group before the meeting and explained ALL the reasons I have fallen in LOVE with these healthy chips. For starters ALL varieties are only 3 Weight Watcher Points per serving and ALL the ingredients are natural – meaning, that you can recognize everything you see on the ingredient list. Oh and the chips sizes are BIG too! I LOVE that they have 11 varieties and you can get your fix from sweet, to salty, to spicy.

I passed out ALL the bags for people to check out and set up a stand of the little containers we put together the night before. The BEST part was that I also had $1 off coupons for everyone to boot!

It was interesting to hear everyone’s reactions. Some were all for it, like, pass those containers around and others were like I don’t want a chip at all – they are evil! :D I get that for sure so I explained how you can try ALL 11 flavors for 3 Weight Watcher points. I wish I had remembered baggies because alot of people wanted to take them to go. They got creative and used the big bags to make up variety chip packs to go.

All 11 buckets were sampled for ALL flavors - * Sweet Potato* Buffalo* Chocolate* Lime* Olive* Yellow Corn* Cinnamon* The Works* Mult-grain* Potato and Chive* Jalepeno

Here was the overall reaction of everyone as the flavor winners:

* Cinnamon – in the sweet category. It reminded everyone of sopa pillas (cinnamon/sugar crunchy tortillas).


* Buffalo – in the spicy category. It tastes just like the crispy buffalo wings you get. Ok – Buffalo is orange in color but somehow I don’t have that picture – so we will pretend the JalapeƱo is Buffalo :)


* Multi-Grain & The Works – tied for the nutty categories. We all thought it was cool how the multi-grain was a cracker & tortilla chip mixed.

IMG_7611 IMG_7623

* Potato & Chive – for the potato flavor category. This was interesting because it combined potatoes and tortilla chips.


Honestly there were not ANY flavors that we did not like. The Husband LOVED Multi-Grain, Olive (it really does taste just like olives), and Yellow Corn. I LOVED Multi-Grain, Cinnamon and the Yellow Corn if I had to pick. ALL flavors were amazingly good to me – they didn’t taste like a “healthy” baked chip at all. I LOVED that about them as well.

I HIGHLY recommend all of the FoodShouldTasteGood chips to you all – if you are going to go for a tortilla crunch, whether sweet, salty, spicy or nutty, pick these. You will not be disappointed and it’s a snack you can FEEL GOOD about.

To help you all get started, click HERE for your very own $1 off coupon on your next purchase ~ YUM!


  1. Hey girl I have a question about ww, can I just buy the packet and not go to the meetings. Its not for me, but for the Hubby. I think the point system would really work for him?

  2. YUM!!! I think I may have to pick up the cinnamon :)

  3. I have the hubby VERY interested in the jalapeno flavor, now to find them locally! I was at my local Costco yesterday and they had a jumbo bag of the multigrain, really should have just gotten the bag.

  4. Ooh the cinnamon chips sound delicious! I really want to try those.

  5. Bobbi ~ I sent you an email, but, the answer is YES! You can do their online program which offers up everything they have in meetings or they have an "at home" program where they mail you all the materials and you go at your own pace. You can check out all the details at

    K ~ I am working the cinnamon to get you to try them :)

    Danielle ~ Ohhh - jealous of the BIG BAG - I need to go to Costco to get it. You can check locations of their website for who carries them - it gives addresses and all.

    Anne ~ You need to add them to your must try list - they are delish.

    C.G. - I know I shouldn't taunt while you are doing the BBC :)