Monday, June 22, 2009

Just THREE days….

Three days and counting…..just THREE days of work until we are off to Vegas and the Grand Canyon!  I cannot wait!  We are working on eating all our perishables so this morning I whipped up a cool Summer Yogurt Mix.


~ 1 c TJ’s 2% Greek Yogurt

1 c Fruit Salad

1/4 c sprinkle of Kashi Honey Almond Flax Go Lean Crunch

No sweeteners needed at all since the fruit was amazingly sweet.  I LOVE the crunch of kashi too.


Quick Recap of yesterday:

I realized several of you like to see my Body Bugg results. So I will try to make it a point of including it whenever I remember. 

Calories burned: 2,952

Steps taken: 12,044


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* Last week my Caprese Salad was featured on Tipnut’s Recipe Hit List – FUN!  Click HERE to see me #27- Yeah!

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Alright all ~ Have a great Monday!  I know my day is busy, but, I only have THREE DAYS of work until we are in Vegas ~ Yahoo!


  1. just 3 days to vegas!! i can't even imagine how excited you must be right now!
    great yogurt mess :)

  2. oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh jealousssssssss! youre gonna have a BLASTY!

  3. 3 days! so exciting :)

    that yogurt mess looks great!

  4. Love the yogurt breakfast! Have fun in Vegas! I am jealous!

  5. ah 3 days! SO excited for you/slightly jealous :)

  6. Best cereal in the world!! Ahhh three days :)

  7. Hey Ms. Danica! Thanks for introducing Reading Comfort to your readers. I am excited to hear what brings everyone comfort (your yogurt concoction could cause some serious culinary comfort for moi). I just got some Greek yogurt from WF today, I thought it would be a fun switch up for my Green Monster addiction, and it was.

    Safe travels and let's stay in touch!



  8. Love your yogurt mix! And I know you're gonna have so much fun in Vegas! How exciting :D

  9. Peanut Butter Swirl ~ OMG yes - it makes having only 3 days of work seem like a long week! :D

    Janetha ~ I can only imagine how crazy you all must get in Vegas :D I know we will have a blast.

    Brandi ~ thanks my yogurt mess was good!

    Missy ~ Thanks and Thanks! We will - I'll be sure to share lots of pictures.

    Jenny ~ Thanks!

    C.G. ~ Thanks!

    K ~ I agree - I LOVE Kashi Cereals - especially the Crunch varieties.

    Mandy ~ Thanks, I am glad to share your fabulous product with my readers. I LOVE greek yogurt - it's awesome and definitely brings me comfort.

    Anne~ Thanks - my yogurt mess was good....Can't wait for vegas - woot woot!