Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I can’t believe I slept 16 hours….

For anyone who knows me, they know I am a stander 6-8 person. My body doesn’t let me sleep much past 8 hours, in fact, 8 hours is sleeping in usually. I am always jealous of those who say they can sleep for hours at any time of day. So, let me go back to the rest of yesterday to get caught up.

I tried to keep it healthy for my mid morning snack with a Low-Fat Sargento Colby Cheese Square (1 WWP) and a nectarine that was crunchy and sweet – my favorite way. I don’t like mushy fruit.


Then, it was off to sushi! I have been looking forward to sushi ALL month long and was pretty bummed that I probably wouldn’t be able to taste it.I did have high hopes that the spice (hello Wasabi & Sriyachi Sauce) would help clear my nose. We went to the usual place, Sushi Mambo!

I started off with a nice, hot bowl of miso soup. I LOVE miso – it really does have the best flavor even when you can’t taste it :D


Then, came the 3 rolls from their “Feeling Special Menu” that we all shared. The best way to have sushi, I think, is to go with alot of people because then you can sample several rolls ~ YUM!


From left to right – we started with the High Roller - Tempura Shrimp and Cucumber, topped with slices of Tuna and Salmon, Zesty Sauce, and sprinkled with Crab. Did you know this is the only way I can eat crab?!


Then came the Supercalifragilistic - Crab and Tempura Shrimp Roll topped with Salmon, Maguro, with sweet Sesame Sauce and Wake Me. Check out that delish raw ahi!


And we finished with the Diablo - Spicy Tuna, Salmon, and Hamachi Roasted with a Zesty Sauce plus AVOCADO to cool this hot & spicy roll! It’s loaded with Sriyachi Sauce.


We usually mix up our rolls that we order (sort of LOL) but The Volcano is ALWAYS something we get and share. My co-worker asked for it extra spicy today (and I think she was trying to torture my nose better – it was soooo hot!)


So here is how everything tasted to me – spicy, salty, cool, sweet, crunchy and HOT! That’s about it. Sadly even with wasabi added it did NOTHING for my nose. It was such a bummer to have such fantastic sushi and NOT be able to taste it! I had 2 pieces of each roll and 1/4 of the Volcano before I gave up. I just imagined in my head how good it really was LOL.

My afternoon snack was more get better NOW stuff. The Emergen-C from my co-worker and some Organic Echinacea Tea.


But wait – it gets better!!! I brought my new jar of PB Loco Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter with me to work with promises to share a little with my friends. I squealed like a school girl (in my head of course so my co-workers wouldn’t think I was crazy) when I opened the jar.

How good does this look?! (yes, I licked the lid too! I can’t waste!)


Slightly mixed up and with a BIG spoonful to show you the “CHUNKS: of cookie dough + chocolate + peanutty goodness!

IMG_7909 IMG_7907

NO I didn’t eat that HUGE spoonful (although I really wanted too!). I slowly set the spoon back down and spooned out the proper amount to eat straight from the jar :D


OMG ~ Absolutely AMAZING!! Seriously, words cannot describe how good this peanut butter is. It’s super decadent, rich, creamy, chocolately and it tastes just like dessert in a jar. My co-worker put hers on apple slices and I stole one. Awesome – I forgot to take a picture in my excited….we all sort of agreed that this might just be “orgasmically” good. Um, can I say that on my blog?! Seriously…..this stuff might just be the best PB I’ve ever had.

Now here is the cool part. We all liked it so much that we decided to go in together and take advantage of the FREE JAR deal that PB Loco is offering my readers. All you have to do is buy 5 jars and you get the 6th jar FREE. Now for one person that seems like alot, but, do, what we did. There are 3 of us so we each picked 2 jars each and will share the cost of only 5 jars – not a bad deal, right?! Just go to and order 6 ore more jars and use this code “BLOG709” when checking out. Offer is good until July 10, 2009!

I will be sure to provide more reviews when our jars come in – I am thinking I may just need to bake using some of this – how amazing would that be?! Or maybe just make something like banana bread and top it with THIS PB! Their site has some fantastic recipes as well – so be sure to check them out.


  1. oh my goodness. that pb looks amazing!

  2. again with the pb porn, you're killing me girl!

    glad you treated your body to some extra sleep :)

  3. OMG I just ate lunch and I seriously want that Diablo roll! I love going to sushi with the hubby, we like all of the same stuff so we get a few different rolls to share.

  4. You are torturing me with the sushi and PB... seriously sushi needs to be on the BB diet. I am dying without my fix :-)

    Sorry you couldn't get the full on taste :-(

  5. that peanut butter porn is killing me! i want to lick my screeeeen!

  6. Brandi ~ The PB was amazing - I LOVED the choocolatey and pb chunks.

    Jenny ~ LOL - You NEED to try this flavor - it's amazing!

    Dainelle ~ I LOVE sushi - it's so good. Yeah for your hubby eating/sharing. Mine orders Teriyaki Beef or something like that.

    C.G. ~ LOL - I think you get a tsp of pb for one of the snacks :) You are almost 1/2 way on the BBC!!!

    Janetha ~ Ohhhh - now that is a picture I need to see. What would your co-workers think?!