Friday, June 5, 2009

What does a Bikini Bootcamp Circuit & Core session look like?

Happy Friday all! This morning I woke up thinking Day 5, 9 days of Bikini Bootcamp to go ~ Yeah! My morning meditation started as soon as the alarm went off. Today was all about awakening your senses. You lay in bed in a relaxed position, breathing comfortable and focus on each body part starting with your toes. By the end of the exercise your whole body feels grounded to the Earth and relaxed.

I am not sure if that was a good or bad thing for me to meditate first because I worked SLOW all morning LOL. The book works through a series of circuit workouts and today it was Circuit B.

Each exercise is performed for 1 minute - you do not count reps and the focus is on form over quantity ~ slow burn....ahhhh! All spurts of Jump Roping/Jumping Jacks, etc are done in 2 minute intervals.

* Jump Rope to warm up
* Reverse Lunges
* Overhead Press
* Side Extensions
* Jump Rope
* Wall Sits
* Standing Triceps Kickback (30 seconds, each side)
* Crunches
* Jump Rope
* Hip Rotators
* Push-ups
* Upper Body Twists (working your obliques)

The above series is repeated twice and followed up with:

* Jump Rope
* 3 minutes of abs plus 3 minutes of stretching

The goal is to complete the entire series twice in 38 minutes ~ Yup, work straight through without breaks if you can.

After the Circuits, you move on to Core Training.

* Criss Cross Abs (15 times each side)
* Controlled leg Drops (1o times each side)
* Dead Bug (10 times each side)
* Crunches (20)
* Single Leg stretch (10 times each side)
* Swimming (similar to Superman's) (10 times each side)

At this point, I am usually ready to say forget Bikini Bootcamp! But, then, I remember my reward.....YOGA! I did 15 minutes of Sun Salutations today plus added some more Asanas.

* Sun Salutations can be found HERE
* Asanas
- Cat Pose followed by Cow Pose
- Bridge Pose
- Boat Pose
- Reclined Twist Pose

Angelea is rockin' the bootcamp too. She posts all her circuit workouts on her site - Check out her site if you want to see more.

My Monring Burst was on the go today but there was just ONE problem. I realized after my first drink than when The Husband was nice enough to do the dishes, he didn't quite get all the soap out of my cup. I think I could've blown bubbles *sigh* So I salvaged my lemons and made up a fresh cup to have with my Trader Joe's Multi-Grain Oats.


1/2 c TJ's Multi-Grain Oats
1/2 c water, 1/2 c fat free milk
Spash of vanilla extract
Dashes of cinnamon
Drizzle of Agave Nectar

I cooked the oats with the water/milk mixture in the microwave for 3 minutes watching to make sure I didn't overflow the bowl. The result actually looked pretty tasty.


But, I think I actually prefer regular old fashioned oats. My bowl was 3 Weight Watcher Points and packed with fiber and a little protein. Hopefully it keeps me going for awhile.

Quick Recaps for Wed & Thurs:


Cal burned: 2,925
Cal consumed: 1,515 (25 WWP)
Steps Taken: 9,522


Cal burned: 2,667
Cal consumed: 1,253 (23 WWP)
Steps Taken: 11,059


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* Soup recipes will be coming up next!!!

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Have a Fantastic Friday all! I am heading out to Spin Class at lunch for my cardio ~ fun!


  1. I've been there with the soapy beverages - at least they tried, right?! ;)

  2. Your boot camp workout sounds great! I need to get back into morning workouts again! I've been slacking!!

  3. yoga is certainly a reward after an awesome workout! you go girlie :)!

  4. you are busting your butt! that is great :D

  5. I received the book yesterday and am so excited to dive in! I'm starting on Monday since I can read it in the car on our way back from Vermont. If the book says I can switch around meals then I'll start Monday since I know I have the ingredients for a few of the days. If not, then Tuesday will have to suffice! Your workouts sound amazing!

  6. K ~ you know, that is exactly what I thought about. I teased him about it and asked if he thought I had a potty mouth that needed to be cleaned :D LOL

    Missy ~ I am such a morning workout person - it doesn't usually happen for me if I don't do it all before it I get home from work.

    Jenny ~ Thanks, it's funny that I considered another workout a reward huh?! Maybe it's just because it wasn't so hard LOL

    Janetha ~ Thanks, I am trying to give it my all.

    Ashley ~ Yeah!!!! So glad you got your book. You can jump right in even if you haven't had a chance to read it all. You can read it as you go for additional motivation (that's what I am doing). I think you could easily switch meals around - nothing says you have to follow them in order.