Friday, June 12, 2009

My "Brick House"......

Do you all know that song by The Commadores, Brick House? The Husband is a total clown, seriously! We picked out Nichia siding for our house to put on our front to frame our new round cement steps and do a wall border. We received samples from the rep this week and he was walking around the house singing this song WITH the samples. I snapped a few pictures of my "Brick House".....LOVE him!



He is such a clown! Actually, here is a picture that the super cool sales rep sent us of an example using the style and color of fiber cement brick we are using. This isn't a picture of our house, but, this is one of the ways we plan on using the brick. Doesn't it look cool?


I cannot wait to install it and show you all how cool it looks! Tonight we decided to have a little fun. We stopped by so I could buy some lotto tickets for tonight and tomorrow before heading out to one of The Husband's favorite places, M&S Tasty. I figured I'd let him choose since he has been a trooper Bikini Bootcamping it with me. I picked a Grilled Chicken Salad with Thai Peanut dressing on the side.


It was light and tasty! After that we were off to see the new movie, The Hangover. OMG, this movie was soooooo hilarious, however, it isn't for the faint at heart. It's definitely an R rated movie and in the category of Super Bad, but, it's funny. We loved it and actually want to buy the DVD to see all the "cut" scenes :)

Tomorrow I am heading out in the morning to my WW meeting for another backwards weigh in. Then, we are off to help our friends install their laminate flooring. I will be back tomorrow night with a full recap of my day if I don't make it back during the day. I STILL plan on sticking to my Bikini Bootcamp Routine Morning Burst, BBC breakfast, Salad for lunch and BBC snacks and dinner. 2 days to go.......Woohoo!

Have an awesome Saturday and enjoy whatever you all are doing. See you later!


  1. Your hubs is funny!

    That movie sounds right up our alley; the hubs and I loved Superbad!

    Good luck with your WI and I can't wait to hear about your BBC results - I can't believe you only have 2 days left - awesome!

  2. My guy friends wouldn't stop quoting The Hangover last night! They are OBSESSED.

    Can't wait to see your house when it's all said and done :)

  3. That is funny! Can't wait to see your house!! It's so exciting to change things up and look at something new. :-)


  4. baha you and your guy are so fun =)!

    i have got to see the hangover asappppp - all my friends have seen it and say it's hysterical!

  5. Haha your husband is funny! That siding looks really cool--I can't wait to see it on your house.

    You're doing so well with the challenge! And I so need to see The Hangover. I keep hearing such good things!

    Have a great Saturday!

  6. ahaha.. brick house! i love it! the booty shot cracks me up!

    LOVED the hangover! it is so bad and so good!

    have fun at the meetiing, are you guys going to try all the chips?!

  7. Oooh. Brick House is my anthem after a little too much fun at a wedding one night. I think I was singing it in the hotel hallway as my family helped me back to the room. Of course, they won't ever let me forget it now!! :)

    I love seeing all of your house changes. So much fun!

    Dinner and a movie...perfect date night!

    I'm off to do Circuit Training now while Little One takes a nap!

  8. Marisa ~ He is a total clown. The Hangover is a so good. WI is tomorrow - I cannot wait!

    K ~ OMG The Husband is doing the same thing with that movie :) It must be a guy thing - funny!

    Michele ~ Thanks - it's finally all coming together after spending a few years redoing it all. It's exciting to finally see an end in place.

    Jenny ~ Yup - he has a great sense of humor that always keeps things interesting. You definitely have to see the Hangover - it's great!

    Anne ~ I can't wait to either - I hope I can take good enough pictures to do it justice for sure :)

    Janetha ~ Next week I am doing the chip sampling. I will have all flavors there for everyone to try....I am sure they will since we all do not eat until after WI :) LOL

    Angelea ~ That is a great story - I'll have to remember that one!