Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Red, White & Blue Parfait

Happy Tuesday all! Today is super busy so this is going to be a quick, fly by post. I had a fantastic Red, White and Blue Parfait to start my day.

Layers of sweetness ~ small organic banana, 4 organic sliced strawberries, organic blueberries


Topped with my absolute FAVORITE Organic Greek 0% Vanilla Bean Yogurt from TJ's. Just check out the "flecks" of vanilla beany goodness in there.


Layered with a sprinkle of Kashi Honey Almond Flax Granola.


This was such a light and refreshing 4 Weight Watcher Point start to my day. I am so excited for my "planned" treat meal today ~ Thai food with my co-worker ~ Yahoo!

In Bikini Bootcamp News ~ Check out Angelea's Amazing results - The pictures show it all - doesn't she look fantastic?! Two weeks can really make a HUGE difference. It's definitely motivation to continue on the BBC path for me (aside from my Thai food indulgence of course!)

Do you all LOVE Holey Donuts as much as I do?! If so, one lucky reader will be receiving THREE boxes in my giveaway. Put on your creativity hat and Click HERE to enter for your chance to win!

Catch you all later for Thai fun, recipes and more!


  1. that is one patriotic breakfast if i've ever seen one!

  2. that yogurt sounds awesome! I need a Tj's! :)

    wow, her results are awesome!

  3. I just came across your blog,
    you have amazing taste in food and I will be coming back.
    I love it!

    You can never go wrong with fruit n' yogurt.

  4. I was born on the Fourth of July so I looooove the parfait ;)

  5. I just found your blog..... it's really cute so far! Hope you don't mind if I return!! I'm always looking for food inspiration!

  6. oh k! i didn't know your were born on the 4th. this parfait is SO for k! haha..

    love the colors and crunch factor. yummo!

  7. So patriotic! What an awesome breakfast :D

  8. Jenny ~ Thanks, I should've saved it for July 4th - huh?

    Brandi ~ I know - she looks great. I wish I took pictures like that to see if I could see my results too!

    Spidersfrommars ~ Interesting name! Thanks - I look forward to seeing your around more :)

    K ~ I didn't know that! I think I can remember your birthday now! Ok - I dedicate my breakfast for you.

    A ~ Thanks - yes, do return often and I LOVE comments too :)

    Janetha ~ It was fast and easy and crunchtastic!

    Anne ~ It definitely hit the spot!