Friday, June 26, 2009

Why Unique Names like Danica are extra cool!

I am super excited to introduce you all to today’s guest poster – I won’t spoil it by telling you who, so read on for a great laugh and more!

P.S. Danica #2 – well, technically by age I am #1 :D, but, you will see my comments through “Danica’s post so know that #2 is me :)

Hello All! While Danica is on vacation she asked me to post for her. Well not to confuse you, but my name is Danica as well and I've been wanting to post about how much I love my name on my own site, but I thought what would be a more appropriate place to blog about names on someone else's blog who shares the same name as me!

So you may ask, why blog about your name? Personally, I have a big thing with my name and when I asked Danica about if she liked her name as much as me, she said yes she did as well, so this lead me to believe that one day Danicas will have world dominance that unique names are extra cool. Don't fret if you have a 'common' name, but hear me out for a second, perhaps you may have the opportunity to one day name a child and this is why I think you should seek out something a little unique. Also, this is my opinion so if you don't agree with it, I'm sorry, I don't mean to ruffle any feathers. So here's my why unique names are prettystinkin' cool (in my opinion)

1. Unique names make you memorable. I have had numerous times when people have somewhat of a hard time remembering other people's name, but since I have somewhat of a different name, people always remember mine. Usually when I am introduced to new people someone says something along the lines of, " Oh, I have a cousin/friend/aunt or know someone named that", which doesn't sound like the most intelligent thing ever if you really think about it, but oh well. Once people meet me, my name sticks with them. Bonus of having a unique name, I think yes!

2. Unique names make you stand out. I have met people and they have seriously said to me, and I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, "Oh you're Danica!" If everyone had my name, I feel like people wouldn't be saying that to me. Clutch. :)

3. Another thing that I really like about my name is that fact that even though people have trouble saying it, repeating it helps them remember it even more. Though almost everyone says my name wrong at least once, it's easier for them to remember.

4. Another reason why I love my name is the fact that it ALWAYS gives me something to talk about when I first meet people. After telling people my name people ALWAYS have something to say. Here's what I sometimes hear,
             " Like the race car driver?"
             " Is your Dad's name Daniel?"
             "Where did your parents come up with that name?"
             "Why did your parents name you that?"

Danica #2 ~ OMG!  I can totally relate to this one.  I had someone ask me once if my Dad’s name was Dan and My Mom’s name was Monica ~ too funny.

First off, it is like the race car driver, which is pretty cool. No my dad's name isn't Daniel, and my parents found the name in a regular old baby book. My parents named me it because they liked the name, I'm sure the same reason your parents named you your name. Interesting isn't it, but this always allows for easy conversation afterwords!

Danica #2: Oh and I Like “Winnie” from the Wonder Years – I cried when I first saw her name on TV b/c I wanted to be the 1st Danica on TV :D I was young…..My name is a family name believe it or not – somehow it descends from Doris, but, I don’t get the connection on that one.

5. Lastly, I love my name because of it's different meaning. Danica means Morning Star, and I love that my parents picked that out for me specifically. There are so many cool meanings out there and it's cool to have something that means something very special to you personally.

So there are some definite downfalls with different names. I couldn't leave those out!

1. Everyone says your name wrong. Almost everyone I meet says it wrong, or has to have me re-pronounce it, or gives me this weird look and says, HUH? Now this could be annoying to some, but at the same time, I don't mind it too much. Sometimes it gets annoying when people don't get it after numerous attempts but I guess that is what comes with being unique!

2. The spelling. My name isn't hard, and I think that it's pretty phonetic. Mostly my name is spelled like this:


but sometimes people get creative and go with,


and seriously, I could keep going. People sometimes are bizarre with the spelling! It's hilarious for the most part though, unless I've specifically spelled it out for them and they still can't spell it. Comes with the territory I think.

Danica #2: The WORST pronunciation EVER was “Duncia” when I was in elementary – I was called dunce for awhile.   Seriously people, where is the U when it’s spelled on a paper during roll call?!

3. Some people go WAY overboard. Mostly, these people are celebrities, and for some reason they think they were granted some right to name their child after foods, or fruits, or their favorite things.

IE Apple, Princess Tiaamii, Audio Science, Kyd, Poppy Honesty, Ocean, and Rufus Tiger.

Those are pushing it to be much, much too bizarre in my book! If you ever get the chance to name a child, name them something unique but also that they won't get teased because of for the remained of their life!

I don't know why I wanted to tell everyone about cool names, but there you go, that's my take on it! I hope you enjoyed my rant, and perhaps if you wanted to visit my site,, you might find me talking about actually running, or you might find some more random rants on there. Hope you enjoyed my guest "Danica" post! :)

Danica #2 ~ I LOVE it!  Thanks so much for posting about our name – I couldn’t agree more – it rocks to be a Danica and I LOVE the uniqueness of my name even if I have to share it with another cool, Danica - you :)




  1. i am in the freakish name club. i can vouch for all points you pointed out! i wonder if i will ever meet another janetha? that would be a trip!

  2. I accidentally stumbled upon this blog while googling something, and as another fellow Danica, this made my day!
    While the mispronunciations of my name are my BIGGEST pet peeve, I wouldn't change my name for the world. :)
    We Danica's shall rule the world one day.
    Thanks SO much for posting!! :D

  3. Danica ~ I STILL LOVE this Danica post - it's awesome! Thanks again for doing a fun guest post about our name!

    Janetha ~ that would be crazy because seriously I had never heard of your name until you. Hmmm...wonder if anyone has yours?

    Danica ~ Yeah another Danica!!! Glad the post made your day - it definitely made mine too!