Thursday, June 11, 2009

A new type of Crunchy Chicken Salad

Sometimes I LOVE being busy just because time flies by. My stomach, however, always keeps me aware of time every 3-4 hours though :) My morning snack was awesome. I whipped up 1 c fat free Greek Yogurt using one of Trader Joe's Organic 0% Vanilla Bean containers with the balance being plain. I topped it with a little TJ's berry blend and some pumpkin seeds.


Oh how I missed that Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt - so good! It was the perfect salty, sweet combination! A little bit later I headed off to Body Pump Class. I LOVE this class and it always gives you a great workout - as if I needed to be more sore, right?! LOL. I came back to a quick salady lunch.

Crunchy "Chicken" Salad


2 stalks celery, chopped
1 small organic fuji apple, chopped
5 oz grilled chicken, chopped
1/3 c Trader Joe's Berry Blend
2 Tbsp Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
1 serving Curry Dressing
Sea salt & freshly ground pepper to taste

Mix it all together and enjoy! This salad was really interesting - sweet, savory and definitely a little curry spicy. I LOVED all the crunch and flavor!


It kept me full ALL afternoon! I didn't need an afternoon snack which was good because The Husband ate my watermelon snack. I did have a spare apple from the gym ready to go, but, changed my mind when my co-worker presented me with a couple of these.


I am such a sucker for candy that talks to me - especially when it's creamy Dove Dark Chocolate. My messages perfectly fit my day and my week.



I think the last message means I NEED to take Yoga tomorrow instead of spin. What do you think?! LOL....wishful thinking maybe on my part as a way to spend my required hour long cardio session.

Part 2 of my afternoon snack was sampling fruit at the Farmer's Market - I am LOVING the nectarines, peaches and finally PLUOTS!!! Yeah....I'll be sure to take a picture of my full spread tomorrow for you all.

Coming up next my "Spa-Chiladas".....


  1. ohhh i don't miss candy often but dove does make me miss candy for sure!! i love the sayings too. that salad looks good, i need to get off my ass and make that curry dressing already!

  2. Love the chicken salad! haha I'm definitely getting a "Do yoga!!" vibe from that chocolate message. And you've always got to listen to what the chocolate says! ;)

  3. I tried to find the vanilla bean yogurt at my TJs the other day but they didn't have it in stock - how sad!!

  4. m'mmm chocolate and inspiration all rolled in to one.. can't beat that =)

  5. Janetha ~ You are doing fantastic with your no candy resolution. You do need to try the dressing - it's so easy to make and full of flavor!

    Anne ~ You know what - it was totally your comment that made me decide to do Yoga today. You have to listen to the chocolate - you are so right!

    K ~ I think it's b/c it's THAT good!

    Jenny ~ It totally justifies having Dove anyday - you know, for the inspirational message :)