Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One week and counting......

Happy Hump Day all! The week is officially 1/2 over and I have only 1 more work week left before we Viva Las Vegas - Yahoo! I cannot wait (if you haven't noticed) :) No worries though because I am in the works of having some great posts for you all to check out by special guest posters as well as recipes to entertain you while we live it up in Vegas and The Grand Canyon.

This morning I was originally thinking of a Pineapple smoothie, but, by the time I got to work I had changed my mind. It has been a while since I've had a Vitatop so I decided it was time for some Cran~Bran Vita Love!


!00 calories, 1 Weight Watcher Point and full of BIG sweet cranberries. I popped my Vitatop in the toaster to warm it up and then topped it with some HOMEMADE ALMOND BUTTER. Step by step recipe for making the best almond butter will be coming up during my Vegas Vacation.....there is a trick you all need to follow - once you do this step, you will definitely NEVER want to by store bought again.


I also had a side of banana chips.


This was a fun breakfast to start my day. I think I'll save my smoothie snack for this afternoon or a Pineapple Swirl mid-morning.

Today I am going to brave Body Step! Has anyone ever taken this class? I am completely scared since I am always that person going the opposite way in step class :) Oh that and the trainers who teach it say it makes them sore!


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Have a great day all ~ we are on the downward slide toward the weekend and I cannot wait. We have the COOLEST plans this weekend that I cannot wait to share!


  1. I've tried Body Step...Once. It is tough! You can do it!

  2. that's so exciting about vegas!! :)

    i need to make some almond butter soon.

  3. I would LOVE to go to Vegas! Do you think there would be room in your suitcase for me?!?!

  4. woo woo for Las Vegas.. good thing you're already hitched so you don't end up pulling a britney spears ;)!

  5. Holla for Vegas!! I'm excited for you - I've never been!

  6. Hope you have a wonderful trip. I wish I was going away :(

  7. Ha, I had homemade almond butter today, too! Great minds;)

    Good luck with Body Step! Yikes! You are doing so great with not only your meals but your exercise, too!

    Vegas sounds soooo fun; can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. Vegas will be so much fun! Do you have any specific plans?

  9. Cryssy ~ Thanks for your vote of confidence - it means alot!

    Brandi ~ Almond butter would go fantastic on those muffins you made :)

    TheAngryDieter ~ You know I stuff my suitcases pretty full, but, I bet you could fit in The Husbands :D How do guys pack so little anyway?!

    Jenny ~ You are funny....Maybe we can just party like Britney instead :)

    K ~ You really need to add Vegas to your life list of places to go - it's so fun!

    Kristi ~ Thanks, we will! You need to plan a getaway - everyone needs those :)

    Marisa ~ Homemade Almond butter is seriously the best. That is why I am scared of Body Step! LOL..

    BroccoliHut ~ You know - we don't. I know we are planning a drive up to see the Grand Canyon but that is it so far. Any suggestions?