Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bake Sale Highlight #2

In an effort to get all the goodies out of our house and also to get other opinions, I sent a package to my blogging buddy, Kirwin! I made sure I sent enough for her entire family to sample. She cracks me up because she said her "thighs" thanked me for it and the whole family refers to it as a box of sugar.

She is one smart cookie though. She had everyone do all the sampling BEFORE dinner! Now, that is my kind of thinking - you should always start with dessert first! However, she had her kiddos have the sugar during the day so they would actually go to sleep that night. Good rationalization!!!

Here is a cute picture of her daughter opening the "Box of Sugar":


They all had such great things to say about everything they tried......Here are their thoughts:

My husband and I agree (hands down) that the Moon Pies and Pecan Brittle are our favorite.
My son likes (in this order) pb eggs, moon pie, samoa. (how cute that he put an order to it!)
My daughter...well, she's not quite 3, and she likes it ALL. I can't really get an answer from her on her favorite...

Everything is good. SO YUMMY!

You have to LOVE that type of feedback! I can't wait to hear what Meghann has to say about her goodies. I sent a box her way too, hopefully she gets it today and I can post one more review.

Ok - hopefully that gives you all some more feedback for voting. The Bake Sale polls close today at 12 PM (PST) sharp.


  1. LOL
    It was such a surprise to open your blog, and see my daughter's face staring at me! Then I remembered our emails...

    Yes, I'm sad (and glad) that we're almost done with our Box o' Sugar. My son is stoked to have all the samoas to himself (DH doesn't like coconut, and me...I love 'em, but trying to stay away.)

    Thanks again! ; )

  2. Kirwin ~ Thanks for letting me post her pic - she is just too adorable not to! I think it is best to stay away from the samoas since the pecan bark is like "crack" to you :D LOL