Sunday, March 22, 2009

Movie, Chinese and a nap......ahhh!

We went to see Knowing with Nicolas Cage this afternoon. You know I won't spoil the movie for everyone since you probably haven't seen it yet, but, I LOVED it until the last like 30 minutes. I didn't like the ending at all and felt the movie should have gone a different direction. I did sneak in one of these fabulous cookies into the movie with me......Yum - I LOVE everything about it - chewy pb, vanilla buttercream frosting, SNICKERS!

Snicker Surprise Cookies

I also had a little of The Husband's popcorn. I always ask for the little kid holder to dump mine into. The little square holds about 2-3 cups and then he can put butter all over his bucket. It was too salty today though so I only ate about 1 cup of it before setting it down.

After the movie, we both knew we should eat some lunch but it is one of those days where nothing sounded good. We didn't feel like having a sit down meal and wanted to just veg out to possibly take a nap later :) My schedule is sort of messed up with The Husband working nights - I feel the need to sleep during the day too lol. We decided on Panda Express for some quick take out.

I got a two item meal with 1/2 veggie fried rice and veggie chow mein.


My first selection was their steamed mixed veggies that I added soy sauce too.


And the other was the Green Bean Chicken.


It was actually pretty tasty. We haven't had chinese in forever. I think it really helped me with the salt cravings I have been having. LOL.

Ok - off to relax some more and either nap or to go shopping. I have to make a baking delivery later and will probably go on a walk with one of my friends. See you all for a light dinner.


  1. Pleased to meet you.
    Just popping trew from the UBP '09

    Cute name for a Chinese rest. Love it.
    Haven't heard of Nick's new movie...I'll have to have a gander..
    Have a nice week.
    Pop by and say hello!

  2. HI Debz ~ Nice to meet you - thanks for popping in and partying with me. I will definitely stop by your site.

    Caitlin ~ Thanks! The cookies are so amazing! I am not sure which I like the better - the frosting, the snickers inside or the peanut butter cookie - yum!