Sunday, March 15, 2009

Checking things off my list feels great

This morning I woke up feeling productive and have made a big dent in my todo list already. I am feeling so accomplished and it's not even noon. I wasn't really feeling breakfast this morning so I made up a quick smoothie. This really hit the spot and was surprisingly filling.


In the mix:

4 strawberries
1/2 ripe banana
1 c TJ's FF greek yogurt
1 Tbsp ground flax seed
Drizzle of Dark Agave Syrup
3 ice cubes

I am off to tackle more of my todo list with my reward hopefully being a late afternoon pedicure and our NetFlix movie tonight. Have a great Sunday all, I know I already am.

P.S. Yoga last night was a bit different. I got The Husband to do some moves with me. It was sort of free style looking at the poses and stretching/breathing. It was alot of fun and I really think he enjoyed it. Today I have a fun session planned using something other than More on that later.

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