Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last call for all contest go-ers plus new stuff!

Today is just an awesome day! Work is flying by, the weather is amazing, my run was fun, my first give away is seriousl rockin' and best yet, Annie's gave me MORE product to give away based on today's success - how cool is that?! You all are going to LOVE the stuff they gave me to give away - I can't wait to share.

Ok, first, I'll back track. This morning I took my snacks travelling with me as I had meetings all morning ~ Trader Joe's Lite String Cheese, 1/2 serving Trader Joe's Flax/Wheat Crackers and some carrots.


I headed out for my lunchtime run and really enjoyed it. Our weather is absolutely amazing ~ sunny with a slight breeze and honestly the perfect spring day. I did a quick 3.3 mile interval run spin since I needed to get back. On my run, I always pass the same lady. She always inspires me because of her dedication - she walks every day rain or shine! We usually just exchange a smile or a quick passing "Hi". Today when I passed her I was doing a quick walking break and she says "I am soooo glad you stopped running, you were making me tired!" It made me feel good and made me start running again right away :) lol.

I came back from my run starving so I have to say sorry in advance. I scarfed down a couple bites and realized I should have probably taken a picture. Good thing I was having leftovers from the other night. I had THIS for lunch (it is seriously amazing, I can eat it over and over again).

Veg Times Edamame Succatash w/Veg Gyoza

They were having samples of Annie's Rice Pasta Mac n Cheese today in the breakroom.....so, of course, I had to have some!


For all those Gluten Free People out there, you must try this - it's so good and you cannot even tell the difference.

I paired the above two things with a nectarine and the new Weight Watchers Cookies and Cream (70 calorie bar!).


I am so glad I didn't bring more than one of these bars with me because I definitely would have had another and another and another......lol.

Ok ~ If you haven't signed up for the contest, make sure you do so ~ Less than 2 hours remain before I make the cut off and pick the winners!

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