Friday, March 27, 2009

Locked out!

I hit the snooze button this morning way too many times which led to me running around like a mad woman getting ready. The Husband was super cute to try to participate in the madness including helping me take my things out to the car. Keep in mind he doesn't go into work until about an hour or so after me. So, he was sorta in a T-Shirt and Boxers....he stopped to pick up the paper and I waived as I drove off. He walked up to the front door and guess what?! I guess in rushing, I followed my routine of locking the door behind me as I walk out. He closed the door behind him to keep the heat in and he was LOCKED OUT in his Sponge Bob boxers!!! I am still cracking up about it as I type ~ whoops, um, Happy Friday!

For breakfast, I had thrown the entire loaf of honey wheat bread and the entire container of my freshly ground organic almond butter in my lunch bag (now you know why I use that HUGE TJ's reusable grocery bag). This happens when I am running late, I literally throw everything in my bag - ha! I did the same for lunch.....

I started my day with some great Almond Butter Toast on that awesome huge honey wheat bread I bought at Gillwood's yesterday.


For some vitamin C (will this help with alertness?), I had a big orange.


All together with some decaf coffee, I am fueled and ready to start my day.


Less than 8 hours and the weekend is here- I CAN'T WAIT!

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