Sunday, March 15, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new

The Husband and I decidede to clean out the fridge for lunch to make room for the new groceries I bought today. I had the last slice of my veggie pizza with some leftover Parmesan Squash and pasta.

03/15/09 Lunch

A few of TJ's yogurt covered pretzels might have fallen into my mouth too :) It was actually pretty tasty for being leftovers.

I have to boast here that I am sooo proud of The Husband. While I was off getting my pedicure, he cleaned the living room, plus bedroom, did a load of laundry and while I was grocery shopping he cleaned the bathroom. I LOVED it when I walked in the door and he was like phew ~ it's tough being you :) I told him I LOVED having a wife (him, cleaning, etc), can I keep her?! He just laughed and said he'd have to not work to be able to keep up with all that cleaning requires. lol. Welcome to my world of balancing it all. I love him though - seriously!

My mid morning snack on my way to my pedicure was a 1/2 a Clif White Chocolate Macadamia Bar. I have heard so much about these bars that I thought they would be outstanding. You know it was good, but, eh, not all I thought it would be. I probably would not buy it again as I like Lara Bars better.

My afternoon snack was a Trader Joe's lowfat cheesestick.

Off to check a few more things off my list, then, it's time for a fun dinner and a movie.

P.S. I did buy some girl scout cookies today (I couldn't resist how cute the little girl was especially when she recognized my Annie's shirt). I just might have to find those recipes now to make my own cookies for comparison....hmmmmmm!

See you all for our fun dinner!

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