Monday, March 23, 2009

Kid's Dinner Revamped

Hi all ~ Sorry I didn't make it back from my nap yesterday. Guess I really was more tired than I thought. The Husband came home after an 1 1/2 hours of work and declared he did not have to work tonight since the other two guys had it covered. Yahooo! I was so excited ~ that seriously made my night. My night got even better when he said he knew what he wanted for dinner and offered up to make it. I usually do all the cooking and he helps out (he makes a great salad!) so you can imagine my surprise when he said he'd do it.

Keep in mind, he likes simple, but, it was still yummie I sort of felt like I was having the grown up version of mac n cheese with hot dogs, but, that's ok lol. He cooked up some Trader Joe's Mango Chicken and Spicy Chicken Sausages on the grill. While that was cooking, he made up some Annie's Mac n Cheese and we used up the rest of our leftover salad in the fridge. Oh, he also put a nectarine on the table for me, but I was too full to eat it.


He totally gets an "A=" for effort! This was actually a pretty good meal. I LOVE the Trader Joe's Mango Sausages and need to remember that to eat them more often lol. It was fast and we were able to sit down to watch our NetFlix movie, Michael Clayton. It wasn't bad, but, it wasn't my favorite either. After I crawled in bed I remembered that I had not posted yet - oops!

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