Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nothing sweet to eat breakfast

This morning I woke up wanting nothing sweet to eat. I never realized it before, but, do you know how many "sweet" breakfast options there are? Even if it doesn't have added sugar, cereal is sweet, oatmeal becomes sweet with the addition of toppings, pancakes/waffles are sweet. I decided to go with something simple ~ my last Thomas Double Fiber Honey Wheat English Muffin with a little whipped butter, a Trader Joe's Light String Cheese and some decaf coffee. It really hit the spot.


The Husband is up now - yeah! So, I am off to hang out with him until he has to go to work again (hopefully not though). I am pretty sure we will be having lunch out and going to see The Knowing - so excited! I still have plenty of things to finish my weekend chores, but, seriously - that can all wait ~ this girl has to have some fun this weekend!

See you all later ~ Make sure to Vote on your favorite Bake Sale Item on the Right.