Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vegetable Chips ~ Fake "Health Food" or not?

One of the things we picked up today at The Vegetable Patch was Dried Vegetable Chips. The process of how they make them is pretty cool. They take your favorite veggies (right now it's nice winter produce), slightly season them with a little olive oil and sea salt then put them in this cool machine that "dries" them really fast. It is not like a dehydrator because it completely preserves the color and shape of the vegetable. Look at how good these look and they are 100% crispy like a chip. They are quite tasty and The Husband and quickly devoured this little ramkin container.

Vegetable Chips - The real vegetable!

In the mix:

Sweet Potato
Taro Root
Green Beans

I always tend to think that the vegetable chips you buy at the store are fake health foods. People buy them to think they are being healthier because they are made of vegetables. But, in reality, they are still fried and they are still chips with very little nutritonal value. These Vegetable Chips made me wonder though - they truly are vegetables that are "flash dried" with minimal oil. The nutritional information found here doesn't seem as bad as real chips.

Do you think they are fake health food or a great way to get your veggies in?


  1. they are better than potato chips! pretty salty so i prob wouldnt call them health food. so i guess yes fake :)

  2. Sarah ~ I agree - they are so good! I can easily eat way too many of them. Maybe that's a sign they are not healthy :) lol.