Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The St. Patty's fun continues....

We used Subway to cater our event and make things easier. I have to say I am pretty impressed - the process was easy and they even had everything ready early. I LOVE that they put all the condiments (mayo, mustard, lemon juice, oil, vinegar) on the side in little packets. Complete with decorations, here is the spread we have to feed 70 people:

The Spread

Here is everything we ordered as each tray they say feeds 5-9 people. We mixed and match breads and cheese/no cheese on all.

2 Combo Sandwich trays (Turkey, Ham, Turkey/Ham, Roast Beef, Club)
1 Turkey/Ham Sandwich Tray
1 Tuna SandwichTray
1 Veggie Sandwich Tray
1 Veggie Wrap Tray
1 Turkey/Ham Wrap Tray

3 trays of assorted cookies

3 big bags of assorted chips

And the super fun part was making up the punch. We decided to go with a "Green" Themed Punch and I think it worked out perfectly. I got the idea for toppings from Paula Deen when she made her Lime Sherbert Punch.

My Green Punch

Here is what is included:

2 - 1/2 gallons Tropical Sherbert (I looked everywhere for lime but it was not to be found)
1 - 46 oz can pineapple juice
2 - 2 liter bottles gingerale
2 packets Lemon Lime Kool Aid (no additional sugar - just used for green color)
2 lemons, sliced
3 limes, sliced
Candied Cherries

Scoop all the sherbert in a big bowl. Mix the pineapple juice with the kool aid powder. Pour over sherbert. Slowly add the gingerale, top with lemon slices, lime slices and cherrys - tadah!

This was so fun to make and it looks great when scooped out in your cup.

Green Punch Up close

My eyes were absolutely bigger than my stomach but I took 1 Turkey/Ham Wrap and 1 (4-inch) turkey/ham sub (I thought I grabbed veggie - guess I can't read my own signs - lol). I was just so excited for my wrap I didn't pay attention to the sandwich. You know it took all of me not to make them add avocado to all these sandwiches. I thought of on the side though - ha! :D I had a small bag of cheesy doritos (only 140 cal, 3 pts - a total bargain!).

My lunch

After the punch, chips, wrap and sandwich, I had no room for any of these fabulous cookies they gave us:

Cookies, yum

I suppose I should save one for The Husband, although, he already has a cupcake.

One of my co-workers used this opportunity to sell some stuff for her son who is training for his 3rd Marathon with Team In Training. I thought it was so cool because she put together all these photocards on her own to help him raise the money. I am defnitely buying at least one to support the cause. (All the pictures on the wall are from our crazy Holiday Part in December)


We are wrapping up all the fun and games. My Co-Workers are complete nuts with all their dress up, decorations and playing The YES! Game. We have a little under 2 hours left and the tactics they are using to get all the necklaces are so funny. Off to send out more trivia questions, but, really, I wish I could be outside on a hammock enjoying this sunny 70+ degree weather.

See you all for dinner and a super cool announcement later!


  1. How fun to see a lot of your work place...

  2. Kirwin ~ It's not a fancy place to work, but, we try to make the most of it and have fun. It' the people that make the place, right?