Monday, March 16, 2009

Sushi Mambo ~ Veg Style & Customized!

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Today I had a change of plans for lunch. The lunch I had planned for today will have to wait for another day as we had to run out at lunch to get the rest of our St. Patrick's Party Supplies for work. While out we decided to stop a Sushi Mambo to get takeout for lunch. We ended up having our order customized. I really wanted the Udon soup but did not want the Tempura Shrimp, Chicken or Beef versions they offer. I asked if I could have my veggies steamed in the broth and Tofu added. Yes, Mom, I did it ~ I had tofu and I liked it!

I only managed to down 1/2 my gigantic Udon Veggie Tofu Soup, but, it was honestly amazing! I would easily order this again in a heart beat.


Of course you can't go to a sushi place and not get sushi. While I completely wanted to order the Spicy Diablo and/or Trio Rolls I normally would, I did not. My co-worker who was with me has gone vegetarian for Lent so I supported her in that. We had them customize a veggie roll like the one we had at Whole Foods last week.

Sushi Mambo Veggie Roll

Eh ~ it was ok, but, I LOVED th WF version better surprisingly. The only thing we ordered off the menu that was on the menu was the "Are You Nuts?" Roll. It sounded so amazing - avocado, macadamia nuts and cucumbers - yum!

Sushi Mambo Are You Nuts Roll?

It wasn't bad, although, I am not sure what type of cucumber they used - maybe a funky marinated sea cucumber? I really did enjoy the macadamia taste though and could see having that again. I actually only ate about 2 of these pieces as I didn't have any room left.

Everything is set to go for our St. Patty's work party tomorrow ~ I think it will be a blast. See you all for dinner.


  1. The macadamia nut roll sounds scrumptious--too bad about the funky cucumber!

  2. Kirwin ~ I should have taken a picture to ask what it was. It was tasty, but, I like to know what I am eating so that was my only issue :)