Monday, March 9, 2009

Cleaning & Detoxing with Yoga

Ok, I will let you all in on one of my secrets. I am allergic to just about every animal and bird that exists so I cannot really own any pets. We do have an outdoor kitty who adopted us that we LOVE, but, our only indoor pet is my Hermit Crab, a.k.a. Hermie! I LOVE Hermie - he is the coolest crab there is. He has had a few friends throughout the years, but, nobody seems to stick around like him. Tonight, he got his little cage "spring" cleaned and replenished with fresh new bright green calcium sand and blue rocks. I also stocked him up on peanut butter (his favorite), dried pears (he drags them around the cage) and fresh veggies. Did I ever tell you Hermie is a VEGAN too? His food is soy, fruit and nut based (ick to the fish varieties that are stinky!). Anyway.....say hi to Hermie.....he's my BFF :D yes, I am a dork like that and we have conversations all the time...he is a great listener.

Hermie, my crab

After giving Hermie some new digs, I settled in for some Detoxing #1 Yoga from I liked this instructor alot and really LOVED this version. I might enjoy it more than the Detox #2 I did yesterday. I had a pretty stressful day with work politics and this was the perfect way to end my day. I literally felt like I was a towel ringing out all the tension in my body. I was almost sad when the 20 minutes was up. I might just have to move on to a longer session soon. I never knew I'd enjoy and look forward to yoga so much.

Ok ~ Off to spend some time with The Husband, read, relax and probably fall asleep before I can do most of it.


  1. Your hermit crab totally cracks me up! He seems like an ideal pet. (Psst...don't tell anyone...but I don't like dogs. I know, I seems like an American sin to not like dogs!)

  2. He is so fun, seriously! You need to get crabs too :D