Monday, March 30, 2009

I just may never be able to eat a "regular" cupcake again!

I say that is almost the saddest way b/c I absolutely LOVE Cupcakes! Cupcakes are seriously like one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world, but, then again, so is ice cream. I might just be able to sustain on these :D ok...well, probably not because then I'd get tired of them and there would be no fun in that.

I set out with the best of intentions this morning to NOT have a cupckae. But, I had a feeling that I'd cave. My entire car still holds the sweet smell of these cupcakes. Seriously CUPCAKES+ICE CREAM=THE BEST CUPCAKE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! Cupcake heaven in every way!

I picked up these beauties at Cold Stone Creamery today at lunchtime (such a deal (a pack of 6 includes 3 different types of ice cream for only $9.99).


Let me give you the low-down on what these cupcakes have in them. You can get the full details at the link above....prepare to drool on your key board.

Pink Fluffy Frosting with pink sprinkles + cake batter ice cream + red velvet cake all put in a dark belgian chocolate cupcake shell.

Oreo Cookie with white fluffy frosting with fudge and chocolate swirled ice cream, devils food cake all in a dark belgian chocolate cupcake shell.

Milk & White Chocolate curls with white fluffy frosting and cake batter ice cream, yellow cake all in a dark belgian chocolate cupcake shell.

WOW! Seriously, how do you decide which one to have?! Well, if you are anything like me, decisions are definitely not my strong point - just ask The Husband lol. So, why pick 1 when you can pick 3. A few of my co-workers and I paired up to have a 1/2 of each one - woohoo!


I highly recommend these cupcakes to anyone who loves cupcakes or ice cream. I am already trying to think of the next occassion I can order them for to have some more :D Easter maybe.....just kidding. Alright all ~ enjoy the rest of your afternoon and I'll see you all tonight!


  1. Those look like my kind of cupcakes!

    I got my Annie's goodies today..thanks so much! :-)

  2. Those cupcakes look so good! My daughter's birthday is in May...hmmmm...might have to do CSC cupcakes!

  3. ttfn ~ LOL...they are definitely drool worthy.

    Emily ~ Yeah for getting your prize pack. Enjoy!

    Kirwin ~ You seriously need to order these for your daughter's birthday. Everyone would LOVE them....they are up there for me on my list of absolute favorites.