Saturday, March 21, 2009

MS Tasty Lunch

AFter running around a little bit this morning, we stopped for a quick bite to each at a local cafe called MS Tasty. The Husband loves this place because they are so friendly and the food is just like someone made it for you at home. Plus, it is relatively inexpensive so that is an added bonus. I did steal a couple of things from his starter plate (but counted out 5 fries & 2 mozzarella sticks) ~ it was so "Tasty" and it really hit the craving for salty french fries that I have been having. I loved the way the cheese ooozed out when you bit into the stick. So bad for me, but, oh so good! I had to tell you all about this since I am accountable to you all for ALL my eats.

M&S Tasty Starter Plate

I actually wasn't too hungry so I decided to order a salad. I thought of the Thai Chicken, but, settled on a simple Chef Salad. This wasn't bad, but, I think next time I'd like to check out the Thai Chicken Salad or their teriyaki veggie noodle plate.

M&S Tasty Chef Salad

The Husband wanted me to take a picture of his too and share, so here you go - his BLT, plus potato salad. It does look "Tasty" too!

M&S Tasty BLT

It was a nice quick lunch and we decided to relax at home versus going to the movies. We want to see The Knowing, but, were not up for it today. Instead we settled on The 40 Year Old Virgin which I am pretty sure we have seen like 5 times. It still cracks us up though.

While The Husband relaxed, I decided to get started on Bake Sale Trial #4 as it will make the perfect snack for today.


  1. Your husband cracks me up because he likes to be included in your blog photos. It's very sweet. ; )

  2. Kirwin ~ he is such a nut. I think it is so funny when he asks too. He does it whenever he thinks his food looks THAT good :) I like appeasing him and it makes him happy. I tell you it's the little things - probably why we are such a good match.