Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick and Simple

This morning I woke up wanting something quick and simple for breakfast. I wasn’t feeling a lot of the ideas that came to mind so I went with a cereal blend with banana and fat free milk. The Husband teases me because I have so many different cereals that I mix and match. I think that is the best way to have cereal though. You can take a cereal like Trader Joe’s High Fiber Worms and add something like Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin Raisin Flax to get an awesome sweetened flavor. Kashi has some of my favorite cereals to mix together and that is exactly what I did this morning.


Today’s mix included:

½ cup Kashi Sunshine
½ cup Kashi Heart to Heart
½ cup Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Shredded Wheat
1 banana
1 c fat free milk

The Cinnamon Harvest flavored the whole bowl and made it cinnalicious lol. I also had a ½ cup Real Caf coffee mixed with some hot water. This should keep me buzzing around all morning.

Here is today’s fun news:

Have you heard of a “Coregasm”? This article was in my weekly newsletter on Monday from Women’s Health. I wish I had checked it out and posted it then…..I am all about a good CORE workout and I am definitely intrigued!

Did you all know you can get almost ALL of the Cooking Light Magazine features online for free including their recipes? Check out this link for what is in April's issue. Scroll to the bottom and you can get all their recipes ~ I LOVE recipes (in case you didn't arleady know!)

Rock the VOTE! The Bake Sale Poll is closing on March 26th at 12 PM sharp - don't miss out on your chance to be heard - shout out for your favorite bake goodie that you'd like to bid have put up for bid.

One last thing for today ~ Make sure you comment to enter the Part 2 of My First Product GiveAway!

Happy Hump Day All!

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