Sunday, March 1, 2009

Movie Snacks and Day 7 recap

I had all the intentions in the world to make us Vegan Movie popcorn for our movie last night...however, I forgot one important ingredient ~ ummm, popcorn. I was still wanting salty and crunch so I settled on some mixed nuts (spicy peanuts, dry roasted peanuts, almond slivers) and Mary's Gone Crackers. I ended up having about 1/2 of the nuts and only 2 of Mary's Crackers.

02/28/09 Movie Snacks
We ended up watching Body of Lies with Leonardo DiCaprio. It was pretty good and we both liked it. My only complaint is once again the movie jumped all over the place from city to town. I may have also had a few of The Husband's Hot Tamales (hey, they're Vegan & GF) - not pictured.

Today was the first day that I sorta felt like I struggled a bit. I think it was more of feeling like nothing sounded good to make and my cookie flop. I did manage to still enjoy ALL the food I ate however, but, think of all things, I miss Gluten the most. More on this in my challenge recap. Here are my stats for Day 7:

Calories burned: 2,617, Steps Taken: 9,036 (not bad for a rest day)
Calories consumed: 1,456
11% Protein, 62% Carbs, 27% fat

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