Sunday, March 1, 2009

Amy's Gluten Free, Non-Dairy Pizza Review

Last week I was soooo excited when I found Amy's Vegan & Gluten Free Cheese Pizza. It has been sitting in our freezer all week waiting for the perfect time to come and be tested. Today was that day....I quickly opened the box and found this and was not so surprised to see hardly any cheese as most frozen pizzas have. As it cooked I check out the nutritional specks ~wow, 460 cal and 28 grams of fat. That is alot to spend on one meal so I automatically set up high expectations after seeing that. I burned it a little around the edges, but, here is what it looked like after coming out of the oven.

03/01/09 Amy's Non-Dairy Gluten Free Pizza

I cut it into 4 slices and had about 2 1/2 slices. In my opinion, the pizza isn't bad, but, it just isn't worth it to me and I'd probably not buy it again. I'd much rather spend my calories on the homemade pizza I made or on something else.

I paired it up with another veggie tray salad

03/01 Lunch Salad

And half of this big organic Fuji apple (shared with The Husband):

03/01 organic fuji apple

My tummy is now satisfied and it's back to working on the todo list. See you for dinner!

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