Monday, March 2, 2009

Dark Chocolate Clusters

I made the Dark Chocolate Clusters that were featured in the February 2009 Vegetarian Times magazine tonight. They are soooo easy to make and only 88 calories each. They are Vegan & Gluten Free. Here is how they turned out:

Dark Chocolate Clusters

My version included:

1 3.5 oz Trader Joe's 73% Super Dark Organic Dark Chocolate
Trader Joe's Berry Blend (Blueberries, Cherries, Cranberries, Golden Raisins)
Toasted Pecans

They are like having super chocolately covered fruit with toasted nuts - SO GOOD! Ok, back to The Bachelor Finale.....See you all tomorrow.


  1. These look so good. It looks like the perfect after-dinner treat.

  2. Super cool!

    I've been meaning to make this recipe since I saw it in "Vegetarian Times," but I kept thinking it would be too much work (and too rough on my waistline, too!).

    I'm glad to hear that it was simple to make, and I love the picture, it's scrumptious!

  3. Kirwin ~ They are awesome and believe it or not, one is totally satisfying. It is worth the 88 calories. Definitely make sure to toast the pecans first because it makes a huge difference in flavor.

    JD ~ You definitley have to try them. I didn't use the dried apricots because I didn't have them. However, I think they would be a nice addition. I only made a 1/2 batch for that reason, but, found, I was content with only one :)