Monday, March 2, 2009

Flip a coin!!!

This is often some that The Husband has me do whenever I need to make a decision. It really does make things so much easier. Well, tonight, I couldn't decide, do we have leftover chili/cornbread or make one of my new recipes. The Husband actually wanted to have chili which would be easy and I was excited he wanted a vegan recipe :) Although I already posted leftovers today in the blog so it might be better to make something new......Hmmm, what do to?

Well, flip a coin! Heads for chili, tales for a new recipe. Well, heads won and chili it was....except for my idea of presenting it differently was blown. I had visions of pouring my chili over the corn bread with toppings and making it look different than being in a bowl. There was only one glitch with this plan ~ did you know that leaving your corn bread in the cast iron skillet can make the bottom turn brown AND in an effort to save $ we bought the non-name brand foil which actually came off on the food. I couldn't convince myself to have the corn bread and at that point I was mad at the chili/cornbread!

So, The Husband had the chili and I made over some other leftovers. I made a Falafel Pita Sandwich with a salad:

03/02/09 Falafel Pita Dinner

I topped it with Trader Joe's Pineapple salsa, lettuce, tomato, pepper, cucumber and the salad was pretty much the same. It was all on top of a Trader Joe's mini pita and it was yummie.

I was still a little hungry after dinner and managed to eat 2 of Trader Joe's Vegetable Gyoza (they are part of tomorrow's lunch). Tomorrow's dinner definitely will be better.

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