Sunday, March 8, 2009

My how time flies...Spring Ahead

Did you all remember to set your clocks forward today? We did and we have spent all morning "spring cleaning". It is a fantastic day of sunshine even though it feels like somehow we lost an hour :) This week I have decided to add dairy back into my diet and possibly eggs to make it a Vegetarian Week. I have recently really been missing yogurt and milk, however, this is the first time since we started the Vegan Challenge that I have. So, this week is another fun experiment in eating.

This morning for breakfast I wanted to find a way to incorporate the breads that we bought yesterday.

Grateful Breads

I thought of french toast, almond butter/banana, but, decided on just having simple toast with about 1 Tbsp whipped butter. Ahhhh, I missed butter - while vegan butter isn't bad, there just isn't something as good as the real deal. I picked the Multi-Grain Sourdough for breakfast. This bread was so amazing - I loved the chewy sourdough consistency and could taste the nuttiness of the sunflower seeds. I will definitely buy this again.

Multi Grain Sour Dough with butter
I have had these Chiobani greek yogurts in my fridge since before the challenge and have been dying to have them. This might be why I had yogurt cravings lol, although, like Kirwin, I LOVE greek yogurt and miss it when I do not have it. I usually just buy the Trader Joe's Brand or Fage, but, decided to give the flavored Chiobani's a try. I have heard so many good things about them. I had the peach flavor this morning. It isn't bad, but, I do think I still like the plain with agave and fruit better.

03/08/09 Breakfast

This breakfast was surprisingly filling. It kept me going all morning and I haven't stopped for lunch yet.

I also did a little sushi experimenting today, but, will post on that next. I did snack on a few too many of the Trader Joe's Yogurt covered pretzels (not pictured) as I sat down to type so I am sure I might have just delayed lunch a bit more.

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