Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sushi Flop ~ Do you post or not?

I absolutely LOVE sushi and could eat it all the time. My favorite is spicy tuna variations, however, since this is vegetarian week, that was not an option. I have been wanting to experiment with making my own and everyone says it's so easy. I thought, ok, I am going to make it healthier by using my Lundberg Short Grain Brown rice and then add a bunch of fun toppings inside. I honestly had such good intentions and have been researching like crazy the best way to make it all week. Well, it didn't quite goes as planned on so many levels. I debated posting about it or not, but, The Husband said I should show you all that not everything I make turns out great lol., for what it's worth, here it is.

I used my National Rice Cooker to cook my brown rice. Mistake #1 ~ it didn't cook all the way, but, determined as I was, I continued on.

Here is 2 cups rice and 3 cups water cooked down then seasoned with 4 Tbsp seasoned rice vinegar and a little salt.

The brown rice for sushi

While this cooled, I cut up some toppings that I thought would add great color and taste good together. Carrots, english cucumber, green onion, pear, avocado & black sesame seeds. I figured with the brown rice, regular seeds might not show up as well. I also made sure to buy the Roasted Nori for the crispness and added flavor.

The Sushi Ingredients

Roasted Nori

Here we go....I managed to make my rice with seeds and nori look like the picture before I flipped it over and added the toppings. The book said you can use heavy duty foil and saran wrap if you do not have the bamboo roller. I thought, ok, I'll try it.

Nori with brown rice & sesame seeds

Guess what, at this point, it looks like a normal roll and it was super easy to put together. I have to admit, I thought the rolling part would be tough.

My sushi roll - looks good here

And this is where it flops. I cut it up as instructed using my sharpest knife and wetting it before each slice. Ya, it doesn't look too pretty. I think I cut my veggies too small and could've rolled it tighther. I did try one piece and surprisingly the flavor was pretty good. However, this is where you could tell the rice wasn't cooked all the way. Off to the trash it went....sigh!

Veggie Sushi Flop

I do still have a bunch of nori sheets leftover so maybe I'll give it another go with bigger cut pieces of veggies and fruit. I might actualy use sushi rice next time as well because it is sticker and I like to have my roll backwards. I am not a fan of the seaweed on the outside or the smell as you make it - bleh! :)

Maybe some things are worth going out for versus making yourself? I don't know....I'll be sure to let you all know if I give it another go or not. I am glad I am posting this though ~ flops and all :)

I have a couple more product reviews for you all, but, The Husband is asking for lunch now. I will catch up with you all later. Off to have lunch, shop, clean, do some taxes and!


  1. I think you did great at your first attempt. I can't believe people told you it was easy!!

    I took a sushi-making workshop a few years ago, and I think it's anything but easy. Rolling is one thing, but making quick, sharp slices is a whole other story.

    Bottom line: It's NOT easy.

  2. You know - taking a class might have been a better starting point. You are right though...putting it together was the easy part. I just need to practice my ginzu cutting knife skills or something :)