Thursday, March 5, 2009

This might be my new favorite "fast" meal

I seem to be hungry today no matter what I eat. I woke up with my stomach growling during Yoga. I came back from our 4.5 mile run today starving. I had to decide between the Vegetable Gyoza with Edamame Succotash (I think I could eat this every day!) and the Amy’s Vegan/Gluten Free Teriyaki Bowl I bought for our challenge week. For the sake of the blog, I decided to go with something new and have the Amy’s Bowl. I only eat Amy’s or Trader Joe’s frozen meals when I do because you can recognize ALL the ingredients and they are not all chemically made like most frozen meals.

Here is one of the articles I read in Women’s Health awhile back as to what is really in your frozen dinner – you will be shocked by how they “make” the ingredients in them. It really helped me to say no way to any other meal, especially the healthy versions.

Ok back to lunch ~ I LOVE pretty much all of Amy’s meals. This was so tasty and very filling. Check out the label and you will see she makes a pretty clean meal with no funky ingredients.

03/05/09 Amys VG/GF Teriyaki Bowl

I had it with another huge Organic Fuji Apple & Edamame. I also made a POM spritzer using my Penguin Fizzy Water and blueberry/pomegranate juice. YUM!

03/05/09 Fuji Apple & Edamame

My morning snack was a small packet of lightly salted cashews from Trader Joe’s (not pictured). Now I am anxious watching the clock for my afternoon snack…….a Vegan Cupcake and decaf coffee or tea…..mmmmmm, can’t wait!

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