Sunday, April 19, 2009

And, we're back....

Hi all! I just wanted to post a quick Hiya to ya'all (said in my best country accent that I don't have). We are back from Lake Tahoe after having an absolutely fabulous time. We had so much fun I didn't take time to post. I have been running around since we got back stocking up on groceries for my 30 day Transformation that begins tomorrow, unpacking, doing laundry and all that jazz. I promise a Tahoe recap with pictures as soon as I can...either tonight or tomorrow. I can't wait to share the pix and highlights!

Have a great night ~ I hope you had as good a weekend as we did. We came back to 90+ degree weather though. I LOVE the sunshine, but, wow, that is instant summer.

Check back with you all soon!

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