Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday All!

It's Friday, it's Friday ~ Yahooo! I have seriously been waiting for this day all week long. I am so ready to start the weekend already.

Enjoy your day off if you are one of the lucky ones who has today off ~ I am so jealous of you if you do :D Maybe we will get lucky and they will let us out early today. I can't wait to get to tonight as The Husband and I are going out for a date night. I am thinking something simple like dinner and a movie, but, we will see.

I started off my day with a simple breakfast ~ Western Alternative Sweet Wheat Bagel plus ~ 1.5 Tbsp WW Whipped Cream Cheese (all for 150 cal - less than just one regular bagel).


Plus my last banana in the house (I so need to get to the grocery store).


And to power up my day some full strength Pete's coffee.


For a little Easter Fun be sure to check out this article in Women's Health on THE WORST EASTER might just make you think before you pick which ones you want to try.

Let the countdown to the weekend begin...8,7,6....We are almost there.....See you all for lunch!

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