Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little League Themed Dinner....

After the second baseball game, I came back and cleaned up the house a bit before working out. I decided to hop on the treadmill to mix up my workout a bit. I really, really wanted to head outside, but, I don't run in our town without The Husband (yes, I am a sissy la la). I will run by myself at work, but, not by our house lol......

I started off with a quick 3 minute warm up, followed by a quick 1 mile jog and then did a 30 minute cardio power walk from Shape Magazine. You continuously alternate speed walking with power walking as you climb a hill up to a 10% grade. This workout always gets my heart rate up there and keeps it between 75-85%. When I work on the treadmill, I like to mix it up from what I can do outside and this was a perfect way to do it. Here is the breakdown:

Warm up - 3 minutes (3.5 mph at a 1% grade)
Speed walk - 4 minutes (4.0 mph, 3% grade)
Power walk - 4 minutes (3.5 mph, 5% grade)
Speed walk - 4 minutes (4.0 mph, 7% grade)
Power walk - 4 minutes (3.3 mph, 8% grade)
Speed walk - 4 minutes (3.8 mph, 9% grade)
Power walk - 4 minutes (3.0 mph, 10% grade)
Cool down - 3 minutes (3.5 mph, 0% grade)

I followed this up with 30 pushups and some stretching. Afterwards I iced my knee and snacked on a cutie while I prepared dinners.

I think dinner came about because of seeing everyone eat hot dogs today, maybe.....I don't like hot dogs but maybe it was the concept. We agreed on the Trader Joe's Spicy Jalepeno Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Sausages and Trader Joe's Mango Chicken sausages we had in the freezer.

We cooked them on the grill and topped them with Annie's Ketchup, Sweet/Spicy Mustard, Cucumber Chips and cherry tomatoes on an Ezekiel Bun.


I LOVE Ezekiel bread, but, this hot dog bun was awful. It was really hard and so I ended up not eating it at all. I traded it in for one of the Trader Joe's Mango Chicken Sausages and felt like The Husband being a total meat eater.

For sides, we had more salad topped with a little avocado, dry roasted peanuts and TJ's Lowfat Spicy Peanut Dressing.


Some not so good canteloupe and some mini dill pickles.



All in all it was pretty tasty. I am not sure I am a big fan of the Jalepeno Chicken Sausages but I absolutely love the Mango Chicken ones. I am a little hungry now though so I may end up snacking on something later - probably some more fruit.

Off to read and relax....I can't wait to check out The Mystery Spot and the Santa Cruz Board Walk/Beach tomorrow. I may not post until after we get back, but, I promise lots of great pictures to share when we return (if they let us take pictures).

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