Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheesy BK Quesadilla & a 31 cent special tonight!

Happy Hump Day all!! Wasn't The Biggest Loser awesome last night?! I have two favorite parts ~ the train the trainers had me totally LMAO and then, I absolutely loved how they showed the contestants the way they were doing the first workouts to now. It totally shows you that even when you start doing push-ups and feel like you can't, if you keep at it, you will get there. I LOVE the twist they threw in next week where America gets to pick who goes to the finale!
Love that show!

Ok, onto breakfast. I have decided today that every breakfast should seriously start with an amazing cheesy, spicy quesadilla like this.


3 Tbsp lowfat monterey jack cheese
1 fabulous handmade chile lime corn tortilla
a sprinkle of crush red pepper flakes

On the side I had an Egg/Egg White Scramble


1 egg
2 egg whites
sea salt
freshly ground red pepper
a few dashes of spicy Tapatio ( my favorite hot sauce!)

To the eggs, I was supposed to add 1/3 cup of salsa but this morning I wasn't feeling the salsa. I brought it to work with me and I still had not changed my I guess I saved myself about 10 calories LOL.

I also had 1 cup of the super sweet Watermelon & Cantaloupe that The Husband cut up for us. I LOVE melons and could totally sustain on them, I think :D


All together with the TJ's Garlic Chipotle Salsa that I didn't use, 1/2 calf coffee and my fun new Nathan LOVE bottle :)


Sorry for the bummer pictures today ~ I think my camera is tired like me! :D

I am super excited to report an awesome recap for yesterday:

2,998 calories burned (wish I knew I was so close, would've worked for 2 more to get to 3K)
15,093 steps taken - yahoo!
1,460+ calories consumed - this was my total before my BLT's hmmmmm....


Have you ever wondered what it takes to burn off two slices of pizza? Here is a super cool article that gives you a nice summary ~ click HERE to find out if it's worth it or not.

I am sharing this next one so I can live vicariously through you all. Tonight from 5-10 PM Baskin Robbins has 31 CENTS A SCOOP!!! Now, if I wasn't doing the whole Jump Start thing, I'd be all over that - so go out and get your super cheap ice cream today!!! So jealous.....

Today I am heading out for another fantastic walk/gossip session at lunch and I'll make sure to post that Spicy Tomato Soup recipe you all want by then (hopefully!)

Catch ya on the flip side!


  1. You're doing such a great job sticking to your plan, Danica! Keep it up the great work and the even greater attitude :)

    Oh - and I have weird reasons for not posting: I accidentally commented on my sister's blog logged in as my food blog's name. I am really kind of shy about the fact I was keeping it so I didn't want her to see it, so I am lying low for a little while. I know - so dorky. Plus, it's exams, so I'm just trying to get through those :)

  2. Jane ~ Thanks for the compliment! I really think it all has to start with the right attitude - you have to believe it to make it happen, right? You are too cute! You should be proud of your blog - it's awesome. But, I do know what you mean - I haven't exactly shared mine with all my family and friends yet. Good luck with the exams.

  3. You are right, every morning should start with a quesedilla!! 3000 calories is amazing for one day to burn!! Do you wear a HRM all day to track that? Great job!

  4. Missy ~ I use a Body Bugg to monitor and track all the calories I burn throughout the day. It's such a fun gadget and it motivates me to lose more. You can find out more info by going to Thanks!

  5. Mmm I love watermelon, looks favorite fruit :)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my break. You are too kind, and I appreciate it more than I can say! :)

  6. Balance My Cake ~ Thanks so much - me too! No problem for sending a little love your way - we all have to be here to support each other in all times - good and bad. Hang in there - you will perservere through it all I have no doubt!