Friday, April 24, 2009

How to make the perfect hard boiled egg

Happy Friday all!! I am so pumped it's Friday - not for any particular reason, just because It's Friday!!! As promised, I have a super cool tip and video to show you how to make the perfect hard boiled egg. I hate it when the egg shell steals practically all your egg white while you try to peel it. If you follow this exact procedure, you will turn out with perfect hard boiled eggs and no shell attached everytime!




1. Cover the eggs with water ~ 2 inches to cover the eggs. Allow eggs to have a little room to move so do not cram too many into the pan.
2. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda (this is the trick I learned from the video & it absolutely works!)
3. Bring the eggs to a gradual boil over medium high heat.
4. Once boiling, cover, removing from heat and set your timer for 13 minutes.
5. When the timer goes off, cool the eggs by running cold water over the eggs.

Now if you have some Eggsellant Talents - do the following.

* Crack the bottom (wide end) of the egg and remove a small piece
* Hold the egg in your hand and blow vigorously into the narrow end of the egg, which will expel it out the wide end

Here is a video to show you how it's done! I have to know ~ Can any of you do this???

I served up my perfect hard boiled egg with 3 slices of TJ's 97% fat free turkey bacon.


And a Greek Yogurt Parfait:


1 c fat free greek yogurt
2 Tbsp TJ's LF Vanilla Granola
~ 1/4 c sliced organic strawberries

** COOL GREEK YOGURT tidbit I learned today from my Jump Start Book:

Ok - we all know Greek Yogurt is creamy because they strain off the Whey (yup - the stuff they make your protein shakes with.) But, here is the part I didn't know. Greek Yogurt has so much more protein than regular yogurt because believe it or not, that Whey is mostly carbohydrates with very little protein. Who knew that about Whey and how do they make the Whey have more protein in Whey Protein powders....Hmmmmmm.....

Here is my new favorite way to have "bacon" and "eggs" together with some 1/2 caf coffee.


If eggs & bacon are not your thing, Be sure to check out this super cool Holey Donut Giveaway!! They look so good, I'd LOVE to win!

Be sure to comment and show off if you know how to do that fancy egg trick.

Have a fantabulous Friday all! See you for lunch - I can't wait for it!


  1. I only color hardboiled eggs at easter, but decided this year I want to make them more and wasn't sure what to do. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Hangry Pants :) - Do tell if it works for you. It works for me everytime.