Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun Mail & Jump Rebellion!

I LOVE getting "Fun Mail" - it is honestly one of my most favorite things. Last night I came home to this super cool package from my awesome friend Cryssy! We both agreed that we LOVE teas and they are perfect any time of day, but, we always buy a box or two to "try" a new flavor but never use up a whole box. So, we did a "tea bag" swap! I wish I took a picture now of what I sent her in return to show you all - suffice to say....Um, I learned I buy WAY too much tea :D lol.....Here is the awesome package she made me complete with a cool looking post card :)


I can't wait to try out my new teas - I have soooo many new options now!

Ok....onto my "Jump Start" Rebellion - it's not as bad as it sounds. Yesterday my afternoon snack was supposed to be 2 oz of turkey with some melon. With much pondering and consideration and after eyeing my co-workers m&m jar for far too long, I made a trade. She has one of those gumball type machines filled with M&M's so I quickly pulled the tab a couple of times for a sweet treat. I felt a little guilty so I didn't have my afterenoon snack at all.....Peanut M&M's do have a little protein and carbs and........:D

For dinner, I had planned a fabulous Pork Stiry Fry from the Jump Book. But, I was starving and needed to continue working on my project. I made a fun dipping bowl of leftover Doc's Chili and some of the Fiesta Lime Lundberg Chips I brought home the other day (about 1.5 servings). It was a fast and fabulous dinner (I forgot to take a pic of the chips so you will have to use your imagination).


My stats for yesterday were not as good since I was glued to my desk. I decided to swap out my day off on Sunday for Friday since the book has you working out 6 out of the 7 days. Sometimes you have to adjust for life, right?

2,364 Calories Burned
4,943 Steps Taken
~ 1,500 Calories Consumed

This morning I woke up to read some sad news for Jenna. Please be sure to stop by her site to send her your love and support as I cannot begin to imagine what they must be going through.

Be back later with the Jump Start breakfast I have been waiting to eat ALL week!


  1. Marisa - it's so fun! We can do a tea swap if you want - I now have even more :) lol

  2. Sorry Danica..that comment form "John" was from me. My brother came over earlier and forgot to sign-out of google. LOL

  3. John/Vicki - that's so funny. I was thinking wow, I have my first guy commenting lol. Now I know both names apply to you :o)