Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quick & tasty lunch presented by The Husband

Today is flying by and I am getting a ton of stuff done. I have officially planed out all our meals/shopped, did our weekly laundry, made up two new recipes and cleaned up. The Husband made us lunch today so I could keep on working.

He came up with BLTA's ~ my favorite.


2 slices bread
2 slices bacon broken in half
1/8 avocado sliced
4 slices tomato
1/2 romaine leaf

Served up with 1/2 an orange that he split between us.


And a Perrier Water....yum! It was a quick and tasty lunch for 7.5 WWP's.


Coming up next ~ one of the new recipes I made today using none other than Eggs from yesterday :)

The Husband is currently napping - not sure if I'll join him or not. After he gets up we are off for a bike ride....I can't wait!


  1. Umm, your BLAT looks so good. Tell the husband he did good! ; ) My husband and his family always eat peanut butter on their BLT's!! Isn't that so gross and weird?!

  2. K ~ It was tasty - he did a great job. Um...ya, pb just doesn't belong on a BLT...I think that is an Elvis P. thing huh?