Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Healthy Waffle Toppers

Happy Hump Day! I slept in and the sun was shining when I woke up which is honestly the best way to start your day. I started my day off with some healthy waffles packed with fiber, protein and a whole lot of yum! I checked off a dairy and fruit serving too - woohoo!


2 Kashi Strawberry Flax Protein Packed Waffles
1 6 oz container of TJ's FF Blueberry Greek Yogurt (14 g of protein!)
1/2 small banana
3 strawberries
small handful of blueberries
Sprinkle of Unsweetened Organic Coconut

I LOVE topping my waffles with all sorts of things in case you haven't noticed. I really feel there are so many healthy options out there that you don't need to have the butter, whipped cream and syrup. Afterall Greek Yogurt rocks over whipped cream anyday :)

All together with some decaf coffee and my SIGG.


Did you all see Biggest Loser last night? Wasn't it an awesome show...I LOVED all the make overs and was really torn about which person should've gone home. I felt like they both should have stayed.

Today is going to be busy, but, it will all be worth it when I am off on Friday enjoying not working....more on that later!

Have a fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous= fantabuous - yes, it's a word!)


  1. I'm SUPER jealous, those waffles look AMAZING!
    I've never had those Kashi waffles, but you're making me want to try them! :)

  2. Love the BL... seriously isn't it motivating to see how hard they work!

  3. days when you are able to sleep in are the best! I hit snooze this morning and ended up sleeping an extra 45 minutes-it was great :)

  4. Dlish ~ I like the Kashi Waffles, but, they definitely need toppers. They have that healthy taste, but, if you top them just right, they are pretty good.

    Run ~ I absolutely agree! I always want to get up and workout after the show. Too bad they didn't have repeats on in the morning for workout motivation. It doesn't help so much at 10 PM at night lol.

    Caitlin ~ Yeah! Good to see you. Thanks for your info, I will send out your prize ASAP. I LOVE sleeping in when my body lets me. Sometimes I want to but I still wake up early against my will. lol.